The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide for Tourists & Expats


The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide for Tourists & Expats


Are You Looking for the Most Extensive Philippines Travel Guide on the Market?

Visiting, Working, Investing, Marrying, or Retiring in the Philippines?

Do You Want to Marry a Filipina and Bring her to Your Country?

“Philippines Insider”, the Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide, gives you ALL of the detailed “inside” information from a 15 year veteran.


Philippines Travel Guide, About Philippines, Where is the Philippines

Find out every strategy, tip, secret, technique, method, and tactic and put your mind at ease and have every question answered about your future Philippine experience. The Philippines is unlike any other country and there are many details that will make a huge difference in the success of your Philippine experience.

This will make you feel confident in dealing with every situation encountered. It will save you huge amounts of time, it will save you thousands of dollars, and very possibly save your life.

From the large cities, to virtually every small town in the Philippines, substantial details are provided on exactly where to go and what to see.

These are plans of action that avoid problems and save tremendous amounts of time and money. With this guide, you become a savvy professional who knows what’s ‘going on.’ You can make your time in the Philippines successful for you.

* The Secret to Finding the Perfect Philippine Bride
* Be Informed About Dating and Marriage in the Philippines
* What to do and what not to do in an online relationship
* Tips for Dating & Relationships with Philippine Women
* Marrying in the Philippines; Step-by-step detailed account
* Strategies to Protect your Assets BEFORE Marriage
* Discover each Region of the Philippines with Extensive and Detailed information
* Gain In-Depth Knowledge about Philippine Culture and History
* Answer all Your Questions About Retiring in the Philippines
* Understand how to Make a Living in the Philippines
* Know all about Transportation in the Philippines
* Be Aware of Everything About Real Estate in the Philippines

Philippines Travel Guide, About Philippines, Where is the Philippines

What You Will Learn

1. Regions of the Philippines

• Extensive Details of Each Region – The entire country is divided into 17 regions based on the geographical, cultural and ethnological characteristics of the areas within each region. You don’t have to do any research as we’ve done the dirty job already. We sum up all the features of each region of the country and objectively present what the region offers to tourists.

• Manila, Cebu, Davao – The three main cities of the Philippines – we provide up-to-date and complete details related to each city, the top tourist spots and sightseeing locations are described in detail.

• Philippine Regions and Provinces – Each Philippine region is described with substantial specifications on every tourist attraction to see and exactly where it is and how to get there.

2. Philippine Visa

• Philippine Visa Procedures, Strategies and Tips for Every Situation – Tourist Visa – Visa on Arrival – Visa Extension

• Balikbayan Privilege – What is it? Special strategies on how to get it, whether you are married or not

• Permanent Resident Visa (13A) – Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage – Detailed information about applying for and receiving a permanent Resident Visa (13A)

• 13G Non-quota Immigrant Visa – Information for (a) former Filipino citizens, (b) spouses and, (c) their unmarried minor children who are returning to permanently reside in the Philippines.

• Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV) – Allows you to reside in the Philippines for an indefinite period as long as the required qualifications and investments are maintained.

• Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV) – Specific strategies for a Retirement Visa in the new favored retirement destination in Asia.

• Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) – Investor visa allows multiple entry privileges and extended stay for a foreigner who employs 10 Filipinos

• Strategies for English Teachers – Work legally, even though the Philippine government will not issue working visas to English teachers.

3. Philippine Culture

• Early Influences – Colonization – Religion – Background information about the culture of the Philippines.

• Art & Literature – Epic poems, proverbs, songs, and riddles were passed from generation to generation through recitals and spells in various dialects of the islands

• Philippine Myths and Philippine Mythology – Philippine myths and superstitions are very diverse. Philippine culture today still retains the prevalence of mythology

• National Symbols of the Philippines – The national symbols of the Philippines and how they embody Philippine culture, traditions, customs, and ideals

• What is a Filipino? – Filipino Traits and Filipino Nationalism – Every country has its own identity that is radically distinctive and known throughout the world.

• Pilipino: The Filipino People and the Philippine Language – The term Filipino refers to the word Pilipino – the language and the people

• Pinoy : How and Why? – Why are they called Pinoy, and what does it mean?

• Philippine Food and Cuisine – On a Malayan base, Chinese, Hindu, Spanish and American ingredients have been added through centuries of foreign influence and surprisingly, a blend with an identity of its own has emerged.

4. Safety in the Philippines

• Traveling to areas of Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago – Clear details on exact security precautions to take, and techniques to use while in the country

• Crime – Just as in many of the major cities throughout the world, crime is a problem in the Philippines. Learn exactly how to protect yourself against specific threats

• Banking/ ATMs – How to protect and secure your financial transactions while in the Philippines

• Tips for Protecting Yourself if you are Arrested – Laws are not enforced evenly in the country, you may find yourself in custody even if you did nothing wrong

• Special Strategies for Missionaries – Missionaries in the Philippines have special circumstances that require specific techniques

5. Philippines Dating & Marriage

• Pinay, Filipina, Philippine Women – Pinay is the common term for Philippine women, they are famous for their characteristics especially when it comes to family

• Risks of online dating – What to do and what not to do in an online relationship

• Tips for Dating & Relationships with Filipinas – Filipinas are not Western women, you need to deal with them in a specific way

• The Secret to Finding the Perfect Philippine Bride – Certain characteristics that you must look for in your potential bride

• Top Tactics to Properly Protect your Assets BEFORE Entering into Marriage – The Philippines is a community property country. Discover the ‘hidden strategy’ to protect your assets, straight from a SENIOR COURT JUDGE in the Philippines

• Marrying in the Philippines – Step-by-step detailed account of traveling to the Philippines, marrying your sweetheart, the costs involved, and strategies for your success

6. Health & Wellness in the Philippines

• Protecting your Health – The tropics have a whole host of bacteria, infections, and varying hygiene conditions that you may not be used to. I give you comprehensive details on exactly how to stay healthy by using low cost natural products available in the Philippines.

• Malunggay as Healthy Food Option – Malunggay abounds everywhere in the Philippines and is packed with an incredible amount of nutrients.

• Philippine Natural Medicine, Powerful Cures and Alternative Medicine – Nature has provided potent medicines and among the most popular ones are the malunggay (Moringa oleifera), ampalaya or bitter gourd (Momordica charantia), carrot and winged bean

• Saluyot, for Health, Long Life and Beauty – Saluyot, ever-present on the dining tables of the Ilocanos and the Tagalogs in Northern Luzon and other provinces in the Philippines.

• Top 10 Philippine Herbal Plants – The 10 medicinal plants described are defined as Philippine herbal plants that the Philippine Department of Health, through its “Traditional Health Program”, has endorsed

7. Philippine Transportation

• Transportation in the Philippines – There are various forms of transportation in the Philippines, from the absolutely absurd to the relatively up-to-date budget airlines plying the skies. Numerous suggestions on how to use each one effectively and at the lowest cost.

Jeepney – Bus – Philippine Taxis – Car Rental in the Philippines – Air transportation – Philippine Ferries – Trains in the Philippines – Tricycles – Habal-Habal

8. Making a Living in the Philippines

• Philippines Jobs – Detailed information about what jobs are available and in what industries for expatriates (expats)

• Extensive List of Over 60 English Schools Where you can Teach English – Hundreds of hours of networking with teachers were required to create this list

• Complete List of Multi-National Companies with Operations in the Philippines – These companies pay western salaries to expats

• Strategies and Tips for Investing and Doing Business in the Philippines – The Philippines is a developing country in Asia, the business style and way of thinking are different than in western countries

• The #1 BUSINESS NOT TO GET INVOLVED IN – If you value your life, do not get into this business, even though it is completely legal

9. Philippine Real Estate

• Exhaustive Details Related to Buying and/or Investing in Real Estate in the Philippines – Tips and secret techniques for buying Philippine real estate legally, even if you are not a Philippine citizen or permanent resident

• Renting Property in the Philippines – How to rent property in the Philippines, where to rent, methods to deal with landlords, security deposit

• Buying a Philippine Condominium – Details of the condominium market in the Philippines, what to look for, and what to watch out for

• Philippines Homes – Creating Your Own Paradise – Buying a Philippine home can be great, or it can be a nightmare from hell – Learn the specific approach to create your own paradise

• A full Overview of Relevant Philippine Real Estate Law – Real Estate laws of the Philippines in clear simple language so you become an informed buyer or investor

10. Retiring in the Philippines

• Top Techniques for Retiring in the Philippines – Cost of living information and the practical realities of living in the Philippines for a longer period of time

• Visa Options for Retiring in the Philippines – What are the best options? What are the costs involved?


These suggestions, observations and techniques come from 15 years of dealing with all levels of Philippine culture. From the highest officials in various government agencies, to local villagers and residents of every region in the country. From marrying, doing business, investing, and working in the major cities and small towns, to trekking through remote provinces and traveling through “high risk areas.”

Philippines Travel Guide, About Philippines, Where is the Philippines

The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide for Tourists & Expats