The Ultimate Golden Retriever Handbook


the-golden-retriever-handbook-headerThe Ultimate Golden Retriever Handbook


Who Else Wants to know all the tips and secrets about America’s most loved breed of dogs?

At Last! Everything you ever wanted to know about Golden Retrievers – revealed!

If you are here you’re probably considering adopting America’s most loved breed of dogs. You’re about to become one of the lucky persons to experience the thrill of this exciting, energetic and enthusiastic breed.

You’re about to take a life-changing journey! You’re considering adopting a dog, caring for him, loving him and then receiving unconditional love in return! How exciting!

Do you want to know more about the breed?
Do you want to know where to find it?
Do you want to know how to select your puppy?
Do you want to know how to prepare your home for the new arrival?
Do you want to know how to train it?
Do you want to know important tips about nutrition and health?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting information you’ve read all day.

Introducing… The Ultimate Golden Retriever Handbook


It covers every aspect of dog ownership possible. Perhaps the most important facet is deciding if it is for you.

In the book you will find more than 100 pages with all the answers to your questions:

Chapter 1: Meet the Golden Retriever
Chapter 2: Where to Find It
Chapter 3: Selecting the Perfect Puppy
Chapter 4: Preparing Your Home for the New Arrival
Chapter 5: Golden Retriever Boot Camp: Basic Training
Chapter 6: Hey Good Looking! Grooming Your Pet
Chapter 7: Nutrition
Chapter 8: Health
Appendix I: Resources
Appendix II: Recipes for Homemade Treats

And that’s not nearly all.

You’ll discover much more in this ebook.

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The Ultimate Golden Retriever Handbook