The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide


The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide


See How Easily You Can Have A Disney-World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have An Extravagant Disney-World Vacation.

You can have a Disney-World vacation every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as the family who spends 2, 3, or even 4 times as much money!

Every tip, every suggestion, every strategy you’ll find in this book is for real.

Introducing… The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide



Exclusive Ticket Savings

The one thing you must do TODAY that could net you hundreds of extra dollars in your vacation account to help purchase Disney-World tickets, trinkets, and meals at Disney. This one money-saving tip alone may make enough money to pay for all your meals in the park for the entire week.

  • How To Save Up To $200 (And More) – Just On Disney-Ticket Costs Alone!
  • Best Bargains On and Off Line – You’re going to find the best places and sites to buy your advance tickets. (You’ll probably be surprised at the answers!)
  • Exclusive discounts on Disney-World Tickets!
  • Ticket Upgrades – The ins and outs of exchanging or upgrading your Disney tickets. When does it make sense – and when will it actually cost you money? Everything you’ll need to know is right here.
  • E-bay Bargains – Think those “discounted” Disney Pass Ticket Prices are a great deal? Many times they’re not the bargain you think!


The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide includes insider’s tips for getting, staying, dining there, and more.

  • When Exactly Are The High And Low Price Seasons When Visiting Orlando and Disney-World?
  • How To Shop Around For The Best Buys. Find out which websites are the easiest to use when looking at alternate vacation dates.
  • What Airlines Are The Most Stable – and which aren’t. Here’s something you probably aren’t aware of: Some of your best bets aren’t listed in the travel websites schedules.
  • Did you know it offers a free “Magical Express” shuttle and baggage service? No more waiting for your bags at the airport! Your luggage is delivered directly to your hotel. Find out precisely how it works.
  • Off-site Lodging: Each option is fully explained – with the benefits (and possible drawbacks) you can expect.
  • Discover which offsite hotels offer the best value – and which to steer clear of. In fact – the book has 12 Shortcuts To Success – ensuring when you check in – the only surprise you’ll find is how smoothly everything’s going!
  • Dining Out – Dining can be expensive at the major resorts. We’ll show you how to slash your food expenses – without sacrificing the fun of eating out!
  • Restaurant Reservations – Planning on a character dining experience? Beware. Many people don’t get the ones they want. Follow the tips and get your seats!
  • Toy Story Mania ! Find out what’s the hottest rides – and most talked about shows this season – and how to score the best seats in the house.


The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide reveals the best Segway tour, and how to have the park virtually to yourself! This is one experience you’ll never forget.

There’s so much to see and do and experience – you could spend a month at each park and still not get to it all!

Here’s how the book helps you sort it all out.

  • What to Do On a Rainy Day – Yes, it rains in sunny Florida as well! Solve that problem with fun and adventurous tips.
  • The One Park You Should Visit Last! (Especially with young children.) This one will definitely surprise you!
  • Hungry? Find out what’s OK to bring inside the Parks with you – and what you should leave at the hotel.
  • How To Beat Those Long Lines – Did you know it makes a difference if you stand in the Right or Left line? It does – find out which one typically moves the fastest.
  • Hidden Entrances – There are several “shortcuts” to theme parks and attractions – bypassing most of the crowds.


Downtown-Disney is an adventure itself. Find everything-Disney you ever imagined, plus good food and more fun.

If The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide stopped here – it would still be a “must have” manual for anyone planning their Orlando vacation. But that’s not all – not by a long shot!

Did you know there’s a host of “Off Park” attractions almost as exciting as the Disney-Theme Parks themselves?

Shopping For Souvenirs? Save big! Shop downtown and you’ll pay anywhere from 10 – 75% less than the theme park prices. Now that’s saving!

Once Upon A Toy – Remember those classic games you played as a child? Ever wish you didn’t throw them out? Well – find them again at this wonderful shop. If this doesn’t bring back those great memories – nothing will!

Restaurants – It’s a lot less expensive eating downtown – and the food is simply delicious.

Disney-Quest – There’s over 250 attractions – and the book will give you the picks for “best of the best” in this amazing pavilion.


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