The Top 6 Reasons Being a Flight Attendant Rocks


The Top 6 Reasons Being a Flight Attendant Rocks


The travel – There is not a career on earth that enables you to see so many places in such a short space of time. This week Paris, next week Tokyo, last week Tahiti. You often get some great time off in each destination to see the sites, shop or simply relax by the pool. Many of the hotels offer great discounts on tours and spa treatments!

The money – It depends on the airline but generally at the major airlines the starting salary can be as high as $50,000 PA. Add in the tax free overnight and meal allowances and your bank balance starts to look a lot less depressing very quickly! Some airlines even pay for your accommodation!

The travel perks – Discounts on hotels, car rental, tours but the best benefit is the incredibly cheap airfares for your days off. Airlines give their flight attendants up to 90% off airfares and you can use these deals on other airlines as well. Providing there are seats available most airlines offer the opportunity to travel in business class! Many crew spend their days off in a completely different country. Great for shopping trips!

The time off – it is true that as a flight attendant you are sometimes required to work public holidays but in return the airline gives you extra days off. Sometimes up to 6 weeks annual leave a year. Great for using those perks!

Work less, live more – The great thing about being a flight attendant is that you really don’t spend a lot of time working. Although you might be away from time to time – you only work when you on board the aircraft. However long the flight is – that is how long your day is. Then its straight to the hotel to get ready for some serious night life, tours, shopping and fun.

The incredible work stories – Travel is exciting, travel is eye opening, travel is life changing. The shear amount of incredible work stories you will have even after 6 months on the job will keep your friends and family entertained for hours. Being chased by an elephant in Africa!, Watching the sunset while learning tango in Argentina, Cocktails in the Maldives, Exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt, Skiing in Japan!

The people – as a flight attendant you will meet amazing people from all over the world. Even the odd celebrity! It is incredibly easy to make friends with your fellow crew members as they all love travel and there is always a great team spirit. Its a fantastic way to meet all sorts of fascinating and friendly people.

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