The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition


the-time-share-expert-headerThe Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition


Discover the Secrets the Pros Use When Exchanging Timeshares Into the Best Interval International Resorts in the World!

Learn How to Stay in Premier Interval International Resorts Like Marriott, Hyatt, Westin and Hawaii.

Become a Master at Exchanging Timeshares in Interval International and Have an Unfair Advantage Over Other Owners


Learn how to greatly improve your chances of getting what you want in II regardless if you own a Red week in a highly desirable Premier Resort or a Green week in Canada.

After learning how to do it you will learn a second important ingredient for getting what you want from II… how to supercharge your request. Combine both and you will be guaranteed success when exchanging your week – no matter what you own!

Almost no one in the industry has figured out these tactics, yet – which means you’re about to enjoy an unfair advantage over millions of exchangers.

Introducing… The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition

5 Really Good Reasons You Need This

1. There is nothing else like it in the world. It explains what you need to do to from start to finish when placing a request. You’ll never be confused and frustrated again.

2. This is not some flimsy little report with a few well-known recommendations that will do you little or no good. It contains pages of tips, secrets, methods, case studies and specific instructions on how to get the best deals in the world.

3. There are pages of testimonials from real live owners (just like you) who have already used the it. You can read their success stories and know that it really works.

4. You don’t have to wonder if what you own is either too good or too bad for these techniques to work. If you own one you’ll benefit. Period end of story!

5. It is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.If, for some reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with you purchase you’ll get your money back.

Now, give yourself an unfair advantage over other owners.

II does millions of exchanges every year and you need every advantage you can get over the millions of other members so you can start enjoying it its fullest today.

Finally the veil is lifted on how the process really works and what you can do to get a better deal. This is not theory. These are real life step-by-step examples you can put into place to guarantee a more powerful deal. You will learn what REALLY works by following proven secrets.

In “The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition” you’ll learn:

  • 21 little known secrets – Finally go where you want, when you want, instead of just taking what’s available. This alone is worth 10 times the purchase price.
  • 7 criteria that determine exchange power and how to maximize each one -This will give you the advantage over possibly hundreds of thousands of other members when exchanging.
  • 1 thing that makes the biggest difference in getting a great deal – this one thing will supercharge your power.
  • 9 powerful strategies for placing a request – if you don’t know this you’re only half way there!
  • 11 case studies – Real life examples so you’ll completely and easily comprehend this very difficult subject.
  • You’ll learn PhD in the art of exchanging any timeshare.
  • Plus, you don’t need to own a Red week in a highly ranked resort to get these tremendous benefits. You’ll learn how to supercharge it no matter what you own!

Owning The Best Timeshare In The World Doesn’t Mean Squat If You Don’t Know How To Exchange It Properly!

As a matter of fact, it’s even a bigger waste because of the premium price you paid to own with one of the big names.

What’s interesting is that even a mediocre timeshare will exchange to great resorts if the inside trading secrets of maximizing both your exchange power and request are explained to you by an expert. Think what it will do if you own a truly great one.

It’s Not What You OWN That Counts… It’s What You KNOW!

“The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition” Even Works With No Name Resorts!

It will guarantee extraordinary results. The better your resort the better your results, but even if you own in a bad resort you will get incredible results.

13 Reasons to Buy The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition

1. For starters, absolutely NOTHING like this has ever been offered-anywhere, by anyone!
2. Give yourself an advantage over hundreds of thousands of other members when exchanging.
3. You paid a lot of money and it’s now time to start enjoying it.
4. The price is cheap! You’ve already spent enough money on buying your timeshare, HOA fees, exchange fees, membership dues, property taxes and special assessments.
5. You only have to buy it once.
6. Reduce your frustration level. After reading this guide you will know more about how the system works than the person you’re talking with.
7. Slash your learning curve down to a small fraction of the time you would otherwise spend on having to find, learn and absorb all of the material yourself.
8. Stop doing bad transactions. You won’t have to take years of trying to figure this out on your own.
9. Reduce the amount of time it takes to get a confirmation. No more waiting 9-12 months or more for a confirmation that comes 2 or 3 weeks before you’re scheduled to go!
10. Learn how to do it into Premier Resorts. Why settle for less. Premier Resorts are considered the best and are in the best locations. Now you can enjoy these great resorts even if you don’t own in one-without extra added cost.
11. Learn how to deal your studio or 1 bedroom into 2,3 or even 4 bedroom suites. Need a bigger room than a postage stamp? Want to take family or friends on vacation? Do you think you’re more likely to get that killer ocean view in a 2,3 or 4 bedroom? Is it more likely you’ll have a fireplace, washer/dryer, Jacuzzi tub and wrap around balcony in a larger suite? Now, without any extra cost you’ll stay in larger, more comfortable suites than you own.
12. Discover the secret to getting the best view suites. Avoid looking at the dumpster rather than the ocean.
13. Learn how to deal your Yellow or Green week into the Red Season. Not only is the Red season considered the best time to travel, many resorts don’t have Yellow or Green time. Knowing how to do this opens up many more resorts for you and allows you to travel at the best time of year.

As you can see, “The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition” will turn around what you may regard as one of the most expensive mistakes you ever made in your life. Learn very quickly what most owners will never learn in a lifetime.

Not only will you learn insider secrets but also, just as important, you’ll learn how to do a strategic request. By combining both you will enjoy an unfair advantage over possibly hundreds of thousands of other members.

In The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition, you’ll be able to:

• vacation where you really want rather than just taking what is available
• travel on your schedule rather than II telling you when you can go
• deal your smaller unit for a larger one without additional cost
• deal your off season week for a prime season.

Not only will you enjoy staying in beautiful resorts in the best areas of the world, but also you’ll know how to get the best view!

Here’s A Brief Recap of What You’ll Get In The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition:

  • Discover 21 Secrets – These secrets will benefit any level and give you the much-needed edge.
  • Deal into such high demand areas such as Hawaii and Caribbean – Finally take that dream vacation you’ve always promised yourself.
  • You’ll learn what you can do once confirmed to get the best view suite – You’ve finally dealt into a great resort, now make sure you’re looking at the ocean, not the dumpster in the parking lot.
  • Deal into Premier Resorts even if you don’t’ own one – You’ve learned how to do it, now take advantage of it!
  • Deal your smaller unit into a larger one – Stay in a larger unit than you own without having to pay extra.
  • Be able to deal a Yellow or Green season into the Red – Now you can get peak season even if you don’t own it.
  • Learn 9 strategies on how to effectively place a request – You’ve learned how to do it but if you don’t know the strategies of how to request, you won’t get what you want.
  • Read 11 case studies – Real life examples so you’ll easily understand important topics.
  • You’ll discover why knowing how many units are available in a resort is important – This little known insight will multiply your chance of a successful deal.
  • You’ll learn why knowing your home resort’s policy is so important – This is another little known insight that will give you a huge advantage when exchanging your week.
  • Understand the 7 criteria that determine success – By knowing these 7 criteria you’ll have the edge when exchanging
  • Find out what you can do to maximize it in all 7 criteria – The more power you have the better deal you get.
  • Learn when to deposit your week to get the most – Very few people know of this very simple strategy.
  • Understand how the II waiting list works – The waiting list is a fact of life in the industry. Understanding how it works is critical for getting the best deals and keeping your frustration level down.
  • Learn to speak the language – If you’re in Japan you will find it much easier to get things done if you speak Japanese. The same goes with timeshare.

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The Timeshare Exchange Bible: Interval International (II) Edition