The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits


The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits


This Affordable Course Gives You All the Tools You Need to Immediately Start Making Good Money Selling Your Artwork, No Matter What Type of Artist You Are.

It Is NOT Difficult Or Complicated…

Once you learn these simple marketing concepts, you will be shocked at how easy it is to start turning your artwork into dollars. This is how “Well-Known” Artists have been doing it for years!

Almost overnight, you will go from selling a few pieces… to selling everything you make and taking orders for more!

Introducing… The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits


In The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits, you’ll learn:

• How to easily… quickly… and profitably use the Internet to market it
• How to quickly attract a following… and build name recognition. (Very easy to do once you learn my strategy in developing collectors for your work)
• How to get customers to start calling you… instead of you constantly trying to get their attention! (I teach you how to do this step by step throughout the entire course)

Selling your art won’t be hard anymore… it becomes easy & fun!

And even though creating art isn’t about the money… it sure takes the pressure off to know that you can sell your pieces anytime you want to for what you want to!

Would You Like To Know Exactly How To Go From Where You Are Today…

To Where You Really Want To Be?

The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits is broken down in easy to digest sections which you can take your time going thru and learn one at a time. Each section teaches a technique for selling your artwork that is a money maker on its own.

Everything you’ll need to start making more money – as soon as next weekend – is here in this package.

And… it’s yours for a fraction of what you might expect something like this to cost!

You’ll know when to use low-priced, starter pieces… and when to move up to higher-priced art.

• Is there a time and place to create and sell items under $50.00? Absolutely! But make certain that you do this one thing anytime you sell a low-priced piece.
• When a customer takes a $50.00 piece home, do you know what they’re thinking? If you do – and you’ve already talked to them about it – you’re one step closer to more purchases down the road. But if you ignore this… then all you’ve done is sell a $50.00 art piece to a customer you’ll probably never see again!
• What’s the mindset of a customer who looks for low-priced pieces? There are 4 occasions when people are looking for entry-level art pieces. If you know these times, you can strike when the iron is hot… capture entry-level sales… and turn those purchasers into lifetime, repeat-order clients!
• Moving from low-priced artwork to more expensive pieces is simple… once you understand the two questions every potential buyer asks themselves before they commit to a purchase. Answer these questions correctly… and the sale is yours! Ignore these questions – or give the wrong answer – and you probably won’t make the sale.
• Want to learn a few simple “triggers” that you can add to a mid-priced art piece to tip the scales in your favor dramatically… and turn a “maybe” into an “I’ll take it!” almost like magic!
• When you want to sell more expensive art ($600 and up), you need to look for the “right” people… and make sure that it’s the “right” time for them. You’ll know how to prepare customers to buy high-end art… and to spot the one time when they have the most cash available to purchase your art.

When you’ve finished this section… you’ll never again under-price your work. You’ll know when – and where – to bring out the different price-points to maximize the overall value of your art in the marketplace.

But pricing is only the start…

Do you know why some artists focus exclusively on one-of-a-kind work… and others only do production work? There are advantages – and disadvantages – to both. If you understand them up front, you’ll be able to make a much better decision.

Plus, you’ll avoid the one single thing that every artist fears like the plague… burnout! Becoming “burned-out” or bored with your work not only costs you money… it can have serious health and emotional consequences as well.

• You’ll learn all about outsourcing.
• Is your studio set up for the kind of work you want to do? You’ll learn some simple tactics to make your work easier… more fun… and less stressful.
• Plus, discover a handful of common mistakes many artists make in their studio that cost them time and money. Avoid these at all costs!
• You’ll learn some simple strategies that successful artists use to turn “production” pieces into more expensive, individualized pieces that can add 10%-18% to the final selling price.

Galleries. It’s what every artist dreams of.

Galleries can be a great place for you to show and sell your art. But the key word is “can.” If you know how to approach a gallery, you stand a much better chance of getting in than if you don’t.

And then there are the Weekend Art Shows.

• Checklist of 7 things that you MUST do before ever exhibiting at a weekend art show!
• You’ll learn a common mistake many artists make at weekend shows that costs them big time in lost sales!
• What you can learn from people who don’t buy… and how keeping your eyes – and ears – open at an art show can give you a TON of “market research” that 90% of your peers will be totally oblivious to!
• Do you know the single most important thing you can do once you get home from a show? Most artists don’t. (If you miss this, you’re making a HUGE mistake!)
• Who’s walking by your booth? You’d be shocked to find out the kind of people who attend art shows. Make this one little shift in the way you think… and get ready to see some “magic” happen!
• Do you know the absolute worst thing you can ever do at an art show? (You’d think this blunder would be obvious, many artists still commit this horrible mistake!)
• One reference book you must check out before ever exhibiting in a city you’re not familiar with. This little-known resource will tell you exactly what customers in that area are looking for. Armed with this information, you can easily double or triple the sales you’ll make when you’re exhibiting for the first time in an unfamiliar city!
• And you’ll learn the single most important thing you can do at any weekend show. (It’s NOT what you think… and sadly, it’s not what most artists do, either!)

Want To Get Rich In Niche Markets?

There are thousands of little (and not-so-little) niche markets out there today. Car collectors… sports enthusiasts… different professions… you name it.

People involved in a specific hobby, profession or leisure time activity tend to be fanatical about “their” niche. They want everything around them to tell the world what they’re “into.”

And art is no exception. If you can find a niche that’s passionate about their activity, you can easily become the “recognized art authority” for that niche.

You’ll learn how to get in their “inner circle”… and get your name known with key influencers who can endorse you to hundreds—or even thousands – of potential customers.

It Doesn’t Matter Whether Your Art Is Painting… Photography… Drawings… Glass… Pottery… Metal… Beads… Or Anything Else You Can Imagine, You’re Going To Learn How To Get More Of Your Art Where It Belongs…

In The Hands Of People Who Appreciate It…

And Are Willing To Pay You For It!

That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re the next van Gogh, Renoir or Michelangelo… if you can’t get your work in the hands of people who will appreciate it for the beauty it is, everyone loses.

• Your potential customers lose…because they’ll never learn about you.
• The world loses…because your art remains hidden.
• And you lose…because you weren’t able to make a decent living.

Let’s be honest here.

If you’re ever going to live the lifestyle you deserve, you’ll need to make enough money with your art to support that lifestyle.

It would be great if we could all simply stay in our studios… create breathtakingly-beautiful pieces of art… and the world would beat a path to our doors, cash in hand, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. That’s the bad news.

The GOOD NEWS is that…

There IS A Simple System To Selling Your Art For Maximum Profit.

Once You Learn the The “Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits System”, You’ll Never Again Be Without A Steady Stream Of Customers… Standing In Line… Cash In Hand… Practically Begging You To Sell Them Your Artwork!

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The Thriving Artist: How to Sell Your Art for Maximum Profits