The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual


The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual


If you are serious about treasure hunting, you probably have a metal detector or are thinking about buying one. But with over 150 models to chose from, which one is best? Which one will make the most finds? If any one model stood out, wouldn’t we all be using it? While some machines clearly excel on certain types of site, overall there probably isn’t more than a few percent to gain or lose on performance between models, once you get away from the low priced ‘toy’ range. You would be hard pushed to try out all the models available and frequently swapping from one model to another could not only prove very expensive but would undoubtedly reduce your finds rate, for maybe six months, until you become used to the machine.

Using a pair of good quality headphones always helps. You will hear fainter signals and at the same time, cut out distracting noise from your surroundings.

Then you could look at coil or search-head types and sizes. Wide-scan coils cover ground faster than concentric but at a loss of overall depth. A larger diameter coil will also cover ground faster while detecting deeper but it will find more larger-sized objects at the expense of smaller objects and a smaller diameter coil works the other way around.. You pay your money and take your choice.

So what about time spent searching. It has to be true that the more hours you put in, the more treasure you will find. But there are only 24 hours in the day and 168 hours in the week. You have to sleep sometime! Go out treasure hunting regularly if you can, this will keep you in practice and you will find more than if you go on a marathon session occasionally.

Let’s look at search methods then. We’ll assume you have a site to search, 69 yards wide by 70 yards long. That’s roughly one acre. Buried in the site are five treasures within detection range, each marked with a cross.

You could do a systematic search with a metal detector, covering every square inch. If your overlapping search sweep averages 1.5 yards then you would need to cross the site 46 times and walk nearly two miles. It would take a few hours, however you would get 100% of the treasure finds.

Systematic Search: 100% of the time for 100% of the treasure

Some treasure hunters or metal detectorists like to perform a random search.

Random search: 20% of the time for 20% of the treasure (on average)

On the basis of your results, if you then decide to do a systematic search, you will spend 120% of the time for 100% of the finds, so best decide as early as possible to swap from a random search to a systematic one. If you are unlucky and miss all of the treasure on a random search, do you then write the site off as unproductive?

Or you could use an ancient free technology to do this:

20% of the time for 100% of the finds (conservative estimate)

Clearly you could cover five times more sites in the time in takes to systematically search one site. You should make at least five times more finds.

Okay, let’s look at how you chose that site in the first place. Did it just come along or did you find it by research? Research will certainly put you in the right ballpark; maybe the plot next to the one containing the treasure, maybe the one with the treasure in itself. But you won’t know until you get out there, search the site thoroughly and dig the treasure up.

Unless you use the same ancient free technology to discover exactly where the treasure is (or isn’t), what it consists of, how deep it is buried and anything else you want to know – without leaving home and without asking anyone’s permission. You need never search a barren site again. This is not quite so easy to quantify as the search technique but by my reckoning this will generate at least another five times more finds. And much more if some of those treasures are caches.

So, just to recap, if you get five times more finds from the search method and five times more finds from site selection the two together will give you twenty-five times more finds.

You may not know that savvy treasure hunters have been quietly profiting from dowsing for centuries:

Dowsing has been recorded since the time of Moses, for the story of Aaron producing water from the rock (Exodus chapter 17, verse 6) is often quoted as the first written evidence. Even if we dismiss the Biblical claim, dowsers appear engraved on ancient Egyptian stonework and on the statue of a Chinese emperor dating circa 2200BC. Little else of dowsing is recorded until Agricola, in 1556, wrote De Re Metallica, a composition on mining which included an illustration of a German dowser at work.

How does dowsing work? No one knows for sure. In a series of experiments in the late 1970s Chadwick and Jensen showed that buried conductive material causes a magnetic field or a change in the Earth’s natural magnetic field which is detectable by dowsers. To explain all dowsing phenomena using this theory we would need to assume that the magnetic effect generated by the target is transmitted over great distances like a radio wave.

The fact that science has yet to explain how dowsing works has spawned many spurious theories based on harmony, energy and psychobabble, which in turn has led a number of skeptics vehemently claiming that dowsing doesn’t work. The chief among skeptics is James ‘the amazing’ Randi who, to be fair, put a considerable sum his own money into a challenge with a group of Australian water diviners, the terms of which were agreed by all.

There were three tests, the first to find a gold bar in one of ten boxes; the second to find water running through one of ten pipes; the third to find a piece of brass in one of ten boxes. The dowsers predicted 80%-100% success rate and Randi agreed that 80% would constitute proof and win the prize. The results on the gold test were 4 successes in 35 tries, the water test resulted in 11 successes out of 50 tries, while the brass produced zero success in 26 tries. Randi added all the results together and concluded that the 13.5% overall success rate was only marginally better than chance and that therefore dowsing only worked in the minds of the dowsers. Scientific interpretation of the results, however, actually proves that dowsing works.

You… a successful treasure hunter? Absolutely yes! If you want to find all the treasure you can handle — gold, silver, coins, jewels or anything else you call treasure — real fast and win coveted trophies in competitive treasure hunting…

And if you want to find all this treasure without spending a fortune on expensive equipment or books and courses, using up all your free time studying and trying to put complicated rituals into practice in the field, then:

Introducing… The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual


It is a revolutionary new guide to finding treasure, which shows how anyone — beginner or seasoned professional — can easily use the skills they probably never realized they had, to locate treasure — wherever it lies hidden. And, just as importantly, how to pinpoint and recover that treasure fast.

Wait. Aren’t there a heap of dowsing guides and websites free on the internet? Sure. There are over 200,000 dowsing or divining websites as well as over 300 books for sale on Amazon. If you have a few years to spare, you could trawl through some of that stuff. You may even eventually learn how to dowse for treasure. But chances are you won’t because there are so many different ideas out there on how you can or can’t, should or shouldn’t dowse. And some of them are real mind-boggling. For instance, will knowing how to dowse urine or holes in cheese help you find treasure? You bet, it won’t!

You can learn to dowse today and be ready to find treasure tomorrow, for everything has been condensed into this fact-packed manual on the practical use of dowsing to find treasure. You’ll be amazed how easy dowsing for treasure really is. And even more amazed when you start digging up all that gold and silver that’s out there, just waiting for you to find it.

Imagine the kick you’ll get from going on a hunt with a large bunch of other treasure hunters and snatching a magnificent gold finger-ring out of the ground in ten minutes flat. Right under their noses. Imagine the kick you’ll get from pulling a magnificent gold pendant out of a field that had been ‘worked out’ on an organized hunt.

Imagine the kick you’ll get when you start winning trophies from your club — maybe all of them!

The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual shows you how to master dowsing technology to find treasure fast, and avoids filling your head with irrelevant information you CAN DO WITHOUT.

This book is written CLEARLY and CONCISELY to bring you FAST RESULTS that will keep you engaged and excited about your developing skills. You are about to to enter a NEW ERA of TREASURE HUNTING.

You’ll discover:

  • How you can easily make all the dowsing tools you’ll ever need, usually for free!
  • Simple methods for using dowsing tools to save time on fruitless searching and get to the treasure — fast!
  • How you can locate treasure anywhere in the world, without leaving home.
  • How you can easily recover all the treasure that your dowsing locates — in a number of different ways.
  • How to search a site thoroughly so you won’t miss anything.
  • How a camera will show you precisely where precious metal is buried.
  • How to find places rich in treasure.
  • How to check out any site for treasure without having to ask anyone first.
  • How you can get search permissions.
  • How to deal with the law when you find treasure.
  • How to get someone else to do the dowsing for you.
  • How dowsing will improve metal detector performance and save you money by making a lower specification model perform like a top-of-the range machine.

The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual will guide you every inch of the way to:

  • Make your own dowsing instruments FOR FREE and get dowsing in no time
  • Save time on fruitless searching and find treasure fast
  • Improve your metal detector’s performance, without upgrading your detector
  • Supercharge your finds rate
  • …and much MORE!

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The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Dowsing Manual