The Social Reprogramming Method Review


The Social Reprogramming Method Review


Many people think that anxiety is not a real condition. People who have this disorder are just classified as hyper-emotional or attention seekers. However, most people with anxiety will tell you that they do not choose to be this way, especially people who suffer from social anxiety. Since humans are supposed to be social creatures, this condition is both annoying and frustrating. People with this condition crave normalcy. They want to interact like other people do but find it hard to do ignore their symptoms. This condition is so frustrating that it can exacerbate or lead to depression.

Social anxiety is a condition wherein a person has a fear of interacting with other people. Individuals affected by this condition is concerned about others perceive him or her. A person afflicted with this disorder is afraid of rejection, embarrassment and criticism. Thus, he or she feels insecure and assumes that he or she is not good enough for other people and fears that peers may reject him or her. While this is a common phase during the formative years of life, if it persists or resurfaces during the teenage years or adulthood, it is termed chronic social anxiety.

People with this condition will find it hard to interact with others. He or she will forever be on guard and will assume that others think less of them. Social anxiety may stem from shyness and anxiety. In severe cases, a person may have a full-blown panic attack before or during introductions with new people. While there are drugs that can alleviate anxiety, this condition requires the afflicted person to reprogram his or her way of thinking. This will be a thorough Social Reprogramming Method review.

What Is The Social Reprogramming Method?

No man is an island. Thus, social interaction is a must. We need to interact with co-workers at work and random strangers on the street daily. Even small tasks like buying groceries require human interaction. Therefore, people with social anxiety need to learn to shed their shells and embrace socializing with others. This 10 week program will help you accomplish that.

The Contents

1) Two Powerful CDs

Hypnosis and autosuggestion are key elements to treating social anxiety. Most therapists swear by its effectiveness. However, please note that they should never take the place of your medication, but rather are used in tandem with them.

To start, you will be provided with two CDs. One is called Demonic Confidence, and the other one is History Change. The first one, Demonic Confidence, targets shyness. It is used by CEOs and various individuals who have jobs that require extensive social exposure. However, you are advised to wait until you have finished week 9 before listening to it. The second CD, called History Change, targets letting go of psychological traumas. We have had both good and bad experiences in our lives. Negative experiences can become traumas, and if we are unable to overcome them, we end up sabotaging yourselves, as they become stumbling blocks to reaching our full potential and attaining success.

These CDs are so powerful and relaxing that you should never listen to them while driving or operating heavy machinery. You can listen to them once a day, preferably before bedtime or right after you wake up. However, if you have chronic insomnia, you might want to consider listening to History Change before bedtime will help you sleep.

2) A Thorough 10 Week Program

You will be provided with a 10 week program. Each program is composed of an Action Plan and an Exercise Text. This should be done every day for a full 7 days. If you do not do your exercise every day, or you skip a day, you must do them twice the following day. Furthermore, if you skip out on them for two days, you will have to repeat the previous week’s exercise. When you begin this journey to self-improvement, you will discover that some exercises seem strange. However, while they may seem weird, they work by reprogramming your mind’s response system. In this review, we will discuss each week’s action plan.

Week 1

The first week deals with the basics of autosuggestion. You will be asked to listen to the History Change CD once per day. You are given a simple exercise to understand how autosuggestion works. You will be asked to do this twice daily, preferably in the morning and in the evening. There has to be at least four hours between both exercises. Please note that it will take just 10 to 12 minutes to complete. You have to exaggerate your emotions when you read the exercise. You are also advised to mingle with people right after you complete the exercise to help you rewire your mindset.

Week 2

This week you will learn how to release your tension with a simple exercise that lasts about 1-2 minutes. The autosuggestion exercise should be done twice daily and the System Switch Off exercise as well. You will be asked to listen to the History Change CD once a day.

Week 3

This week focuses on Positive Emotionalized Thinking. This teaches you to eliminate symptoms of social anxiety. This involves speak-thinking without moving the mouth or vocalization.

Week 4

You must do the One Time Daily Emotional Speaking Exercise this week. This involves emotion exaggeration, and you will have a list to look at. Remember to focus on creating the emotions provided on the list. You still have to listen to the History Change Audio. You also have to read the comparison between socially anxious and socially confident once a day.

Week 5

During this week, you will discover that you had learned to speak with more confidence and that your speech has improved without you having to control it consciously. You are asked to observe other people interact, as well as fulfill your weekly exercise and listen to your History Change CD. Observation will help you understand how average people deal with social interactions. It will help you improve and by this time, you will know how to control your symptoms, be it stammering, blushing or mini panic attacks.

Week 6

This week you will learn how dangerous it is to daydream when you have such a negative outlook on life. While daydreaming was meant to be a fanciful escape, people with anxiety tend to use this to scare themselves. The more you let your mind wander, the higher the chance of you falling back. You will also learn to use gestures to emphasize your speaking exercises.

Week 7

Practicing at home was comfortable for you, as your room is your safe zone. This week you must put your money where your mouth is In other words, you have to take what you practiced and apply it to your social interactions. Exaggerate and pronounce your syllables properly around others, be it at work or with friends. By this time, you should be more comfortable doing so. Please note that you have to learn to let go more. You will find it easier after a few days.

Week 8

This week, you will learn to express your emotions over small things, be it a good cup of coffee or interaction with a colleague. Incorporate the exaggeration techniques by learning to express your emotions over things. Let the world hear what you have to say, be it good or bad. Holding emotions in is the main cause of anxiety and panic attacks. When you learn to be more vocal, you will find that you will have full control of your symptoms and at times, they might not even occur.

Week 9

This week is a big week for you, as you are almost free of your social anxiety. At times, you may find yourself amazed at the considerable leap you have made. You will learn to start conversations with confidence. Socializing does not require too much effort. You must accept the fact that you are human. You will make errors. You are imperfect, and that is fine. So aside from your usual exercises, focus on starting conversations with people. If you are doing it right, you will notice that after a few people, you will be able to start a conversation with ease.

Week 10

You are almost there. Look back at who you were 9 weeks ago and compare that person to who you are now. Mingle with people and experience life! Go to bars, restaurants, art exhibits and other places you always wanted to go to. By this time, you will be ready to improve yourself confidence. Listen to the Demonic Audio CD as well. This week is the start of your new life. You will be asked to do the repetition technique. This involves you remembering how your symptoms felt like. You will be pleased to note that no matter how hard you try to channel those negative feelings; they will not resurface. You will also learn the Fear Switch Off Technique.

The Benefits

To start, I would like to say that psychological counseling is expensive. This course is a one-time purchase and it costs considerably less than a visit to my psychiatrist. It teaches you how to change the way you think, instead on just relying on medicine to battle or mask your condition. You do not need to invest on expensive add-ons. As long as you have a mirror and a CD player, you are good to go. Lastly, I would say that it is worth purchasing because it teaches you how to enjoy human interaction.

The Social Reprogramming Method: Life-Changing

As someone who has finally overcome social anxiety, I would say that this product works and encourage others to give it a try. Personally, I found that the Social Reprogramming Method helped improve my social anxiety. I was more relaxed around people and less worried about what they might have to say about me, which I believe is the most common problem that most people who suffer from social anxiety face. I should also mention that my doctor has lowered the dose of my anti-depressants. While I used to be at 150 mg a day, I am now at 25 mg.

My main problem was that my anxiety was so bad that I was unable to sleep without the help of my medication. I am happy to say that I sleep like a log now. I listen to the History Change CD before bedtime. The background music is soothing, as is the speaker’s tone. I don’t come home with back pains anymore. I realized that I would be tense when I talked to people. I think that was how I projected how uncomfortable I was. I would also squint my eyes when I talked to others. I still do the relaxation exercise before I leave the house, and I find that it has taught me to relax my neck, facial muscles and my back when I talk to other people. I also seem to have mastered a relaxed pose when I am talking to others.

The Social Reprogramming Method does not replace any of your medications. However, by the end of the 10th week, you might want to visit your doctor and tell him or her about the change you have gone through. Your doctor may choose to lower the dose of your medication if he or she notices that there is significant improvement. Please note that some doctors may ask you to maintain your usual dose. This does not mean you have failed the program, as you have developed more confidence. Things will only get better from hereon.

Social anxiety is a problem that affects many people worldwide. To be honest, medication only masks your symptoms. It does nothing to eradicate them. Psychological counseling is expensive, especially if your insurance does not cover it. The only way to rid yourself of social anxiety is to rewire your brain. You need to relearn the basics of communicating with others. It is amazing what 10 weeks on this program can do to your mindset. However, please note that skepticism can affect the outcome. You have to give in to the exercises wholeheartedly in order to enjoy better results.

The Social Reprogramming Method takes time, especially if you are an impatient person. However, if you commit yourself to this, you can expect life-changing results. The world will no longer be that scary place that it used to be. Your life will change if you make the effort to take back the reins. Since life is a once in a lifetime chance, do what you can to make your experience here as rich and enjoyable as you can.

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