The Six Figure Videographer: Video Production Company Guide Book




The Six Figure Videographer: Video Production Company Guide Book


Trust yourself. You are a lot more capable of making big money in the video production industry than you think you are.

Companies, large and small, are ready to pay you generously to help them succeed – by hiring you to produce corporate videos at fees of $500 to $1,500 per day or even more depending on where you do business!

How much longer can you handle working your tail off with nothing to show for it?

Of course you want greater freedom, security, enjoyment and income. Who doesn’t? But you’ve tried so many things, read so many books and talked with so many other pros that you don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

You just want to make more money without having to kill yourself week in and week out, and you absolutely deserve a better quality of life.

A big problem in our industry is that people who haven’t mastered the principles of running a successful video production company have been fed these 3 myths by other pros, equipment manufacturers and software developers.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Running a Successful Video Production Company:

1. You have to work for as many clients as possible because more clients will result in more sales.

NOT TRUE: It’s smart to keep attracting new clients over time but the quickest way to six-figures is to focus your main efforts on the golden geese.

2. You need a fancy production studio, employees and high-end cameras to draw big budget clients.

NOT TRUE: Once you learn how to properly market and sell your video production services, you won’t need much more than a basic camera package and laptop to make a six-figure income.

3. In order to handle more video projects at the same time, you have to hire and manage full-time employees.

ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE: You can successfully complete the same or more projects as the staff of 7 did and our profit margins are sky high!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Maybe it’s time to try something different…


This eBook walks you through in all areas of running a successful video production company. It’s different than anything else you’ve seen on how to make more money as a videographer.

These principles have taken almost 20 years of trial and error to develop so I know they work!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Strategies Inside:

• How To Win Your Fair Share of Large Budget Video Contracts
• Why You Should Copy Other Pros’ Best Practices and How
• Simple (and Dumb) Mistakes That Can Cause You to Lose Corporate Clients
• A Basic Formula for How to Run Your Video Business No Matter How Busy or Slow You Are
• How to Increase Profits by Decreasing Vendor Expenses
• How to Complete More Projects by Leveraging the Efforts of Others
• How to Know What it Costs to Run Your Video Business and Why It’s Important
• How to Know What Your Video Production Services are Worth and How to Set Your Rates Accordingly
• Tips for Surviving and Thriving as a Pro in a Down Economy
• The Correct Way to Work as a Freelancer or to Manage Freelance Pros
• How and Why to Turn Your Finished Video Projects into Immediate Marketing Assets
• Why You Should Post Videos on YouTube (It’s not what you think!)
• How to Generate High-Powered Video Production Sales Leads
• The Importance of Email Marketing and How to Build Your List
• 4 Ways to Generate Much Needed Revenue During the Holiday Season
• How to Get Business from Out-of-Town Production Companies and Corporate Clients
• How to Get Business from Other Local Pros
• The Win/Win/Win Marketing Strategy
• How to Effectively Differentiate Yourself from Other Pros in Your Area
• How to Breathe Life Back into Dead Video Proposals
• How to Know What Your Prospect Has in Their Budget BEFORE You Write the Proposal
• How to Make More Money With Low-Budget Projects
• What Questions to Ask in a Proposal Meeting
• How to Increase Video Production Sales by Offering More Options
• How to Get Clients to Pay Faster
• plus, lots more

If you continue to run your video production business the same way, you’re going to get the same results.

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The Six Figure Videographer: Video Production Company Guide Book