The Secret to Studying with Ease and Getting Awesome Grades


The Secret to Studying with Ease and Getting Awesome Grades

By Robert F. Locke (MSc. Psychology)


study-with-easeSay Goodbye To All Your Study Problems!

You might be surprised to hear that most people in school and college are working too hard. Even people studying at home are usually working much harder than they need to. But guess what . . .

What most people don’t realize is that studying and learning should never be too difficult. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what it’s like. You know the feeling: you go to class, get a ton of homework, then spend hours and hours reading over your notes, trying to memorize everything in a mad panic before your next exam.

Not only is this stressful, but studying this way is both time consuming and a huge waste of energy. But the good news is, studying doesn’t have to be this difficult.

In fact, if done correctly studying and learning should be a pleasurable experience. It shouldn’t be hard and it should probably take you less than half the time you’re already spending. So how is all this possible?

I’d like to introduce you to a former student of mine, Luke. Luke came to me in his final year of high school. I had just started running The Study Method course and Luke was one of my very first students.

However, when I first met Luke things weren’t going well for him at all. He had big, dark circles under his eyes. His face was covered in red sores and pimples. Not only did he look tired, but he was mentally fatigued as well.

You see, Luke, like so many other students, was suffering from extreme study stress. Not only that, Luke was desperate to get into college, but his grades were terrible, and college right now wasn’t even an option.

Luke found the workload at school to be so heavy and the course content so difficult, that he was in serious danger of failing school altogether.

When I asked Luke what he found so difficult about school, he gave the following reasons for his struggle:

1) The workload at school was so heavy that he felt like he didn’t have enough time to study.
2) He was under constant pressure and he felt that anything he tried to learn was instantly forgotten.
3) Course content was getting harder and harder, and he felt like he was getting left further and further behind.
4) Saddest of all, Luke felt like he maybe wasn’t smart enough to get good grades and get into college.

I could understand how Luke was feeling because I’ve seen the same thoughts and feelings reflected in my conversations with other students across various colleges and schools throughout the country.
Most People Only Use One Side Of Their Brain

Luke was overwhelmed and was trying to study the only way he knew how—the way he, and 99% of students study—by going over his notes, reading and re-reading everything in the hope that he would be able to remember everything in time for his next big exam.

The problem is that this method is painfully inefficient. As Luke was now discovering, this method was actually causing him more harm than good. He was left feeling frustrated. He wondered why everything was so difficult to learn. And what made it worse was the fact that he was trying harder than ever before and still failing!

But here’s the good news. Luke came to me just in time. With one year left at school, I was fully committed to helping Luke turn his studies around. I wanted to show him how studying could be both easy and fun. I wanted to introduce Luke to those simple, yet powerful techniques that would help him get awesome grades in no time at all.

You see, I’ve spent the last seven years researching the topic of learning, analyzing the best ways to study large amounts of information in order to help students improve their academic performance. Through all my years and experience, it has come to my attention that effective study is based on ONE very simple theory.

That theory says that for peak learning performance to occur, a person has to engage both sides of the brain when learning new information. The majority of students put themselves at a huge disadvantage by only using the left (logical) side of their brain. I often say, these students fail exams because they fail to engage the right (visual) side of the brain.
You Can Improve Your Learning Ability By 1000%

However, once a student learns how to engage both the left (logical) and right (visual) sides of their brain together—an amazing thing will happen. They will be able to memorize over a 1000% more information (this figure has been statistically verified in controlled studies).

Students will also be able to reduce their study time by up to two-thirds—imagine all the relaxation and fun you can have with all that free time!

Engaging both sides of the brain leads to one simple outcome—you’ll get amazing grades, in less time and with less effort.

The method for doing this was developed and refined by myself and a group of researchers. Over a 12 month period we ran live workshops for students in both the UK and the US. After each workshop, the sessions were reviewed and further modifications and improvements were made to perfect the ultimate study method.

This process went on for twelve months: improving and developing, testing and re-testing in order to create the most powerful, simple, and effective way for students to study.

This leads us to where we are today, the finished product. After all our years of hard work and research, we are proud to present the most effective study strategies in one single resource . . . The Study Method eBook.

It contains only the very latest study techniques and only the most powerful memory systems. Indeed, the techniques presented in The Study Method eBook are so effective they literally have the potential to transform your brain into a super computer.

Studying Should Be Both Easy And Fun

So you might be wondering what happened to Luke, one of the most frustrated and worried students I have ever met? Well, his story certainly took an interesting turn . . .

Luke came away from our course with a whole new way of thinking. Instead of simply using the left (logical) side of his brain to force information into his brain, Luke now understood how important it was to also engage the right (visual) side of his brain when studying.

After the summer holidays came to an end, Luke went back to school and started applying The Study Method to his school work. By the end of that semester, Luke went from a D/F student to an A/B student. Luke’s transformation was much easier and simpler than even I could ever have imagined. And in Luke’s own words, he was now working with 50% less effort and 100% less stress!

All this from a few simple techniques that allowed Luke to engage both sides of his brain at the same time.

It’s been over two years now since I’ve seen Luke, but I still receive the occasional email from him. However, his last email really brought a smile to my face . . .

“. . . I’m now entering my second year of law at University College London.”

As I read that line, it was hard for me to imagine that same tired, frustrated student who I met on that summer day only a few years ago. So how did Luke do it, how did he make such a dramatic transformation?

It’s simple!

By engaging both the left and right sides of his brain, Luke was able to more than double his brain power!

After reading this, it’s important to realize that with the right skills anyone can achieve what Luke has achieved. Even if you have always failed school and got terrible grades, it’s never too late to change. Most people, however, continue to make life difficult for themselves by only using one side of their brain when studying.

This is a grave mistake that often leads students down a very miserable path.

Here at The Study Method we have helped, and will continue to help thousands of students and professionals get awesome grades and pass exams with ease.

And keep this in mind: studying doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know the right way to learn, studying can be exceptionally fun and easy to do. And like Luke, you will be amazed at what you can achieve if you’re willing to make a few small tweaks to the way you study.

Don’t let the future you deserve slip through your hands. If you are seriously interested in getting awesome grades with less effort, it’s time to start engaging both sides of your brain.

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