The Secret to a Friendly Divorce: Out of Court Settlement Guide


The Secret to a Friendly Divorce: Out of Court Settlement Guide


Announcing… The Secret to a Friendly Divorce: Out of Court Settlement Guide


If you’re reading this, you may be facing one of life’s worst events.

Your divorce.

It’s never easy. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and downright horrible. Not to mention the drain on your spirit and bank account.

The shocking fact is that the average cost of divorce these days is a whopping $15,000 to $30,000 in legal fees (Sources: and and the costs associated with high conflict divorces can go off the charts! This is real money that you could put toward a new car or a child’s college expenses.

Maybe you’re asking yourself… ”Why does divorce have to be so brutal, take so long, and cost so much?” Well, it doesn’t. Not any longer.

How to settle it before it gets to the legal system

When it heads to court, no one wins. Everyone loses, especially the kids.

However, you now have an alternative. This book unveils a professional negotiation and mediation technique that enables you to settle your divorce before it becomes complicated and costly.

The key to changing your spouse’s mind

There are thousands of books on this subject, but this book goes where none has gone before. It gets right to the heart of why so many divorces start out friendly and turn into train wrecks within the first 30-60 days.

It shows you a surprisingly simple way to discuss money with your soon-to-be ex without stirring up trouble and without making it harder than it has to be.

The Secret to a Friendly Divorce: Out of Court Settlement Guide spells out exactly what you must say and do (and not say and do) to influence your partner’s thinking and get them to go along with a settlement that is satisfactory to you.

The technique is not just one guy’s opinion. Insiders have used it professionally and personally for years. It is how they convince their own spouses to settle out of court.

And, best of all, you can master this method in less than one evening. You already know the basic technique; it is something we have used all of our lives.

This book merely shows you how to use it during your divorce. You will learn to do the same helpful things that a mediator would have you do during formal mediation sessions. In some ways, the book enables you to be your own mediator.

It helps you power up for settlement success by showing you…

  • Why it is so hard for most of us to settle our own divorces
  • Why the old fashion way of “talking it out” doesn’t work
  • The CORRECT way to discuss money with your soon-to-be ex
  • How divorce mediators convince their own spouses to say YES
  • How to overcome your spouse’s distrust,stubbornness, and blame-placing
  • How to profit when your spouse explodes with anger
  • How to get past the nine invisible obstacles to a peaceful settlement
  • The little, TWO-PART WORD that kills deals (And, we all say it!)
  • Who should make the first offer and how
  • How to handle the eleven negotiation curve balls that will be coming your way at 90 mph

Need more help?

  • Watch out for the predictable (and usually innocent) things we all tend to say to shoot ourselves in the foot without ever realizing where the bullet came from.

And so much more! You’ll get all the benefits of having a “tried by fire” divorce attorney at your side, without the 5-figure fee!

This book does not cost you money – it saves you money!

Having this information at your disposal is like having an explosives expert take your hand and lead you through a minefield.

Think about it. Even one short hour with your attorney can easily cost you $250.00, $350.00 or more. Any of the book’s 100 plus pointers can easily save you the purchase price of the book many times over.

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The Secret to a Friendly Divorce: Out of Court Settlement Guide