The ReAwakening Guided Meditations





Do you ever feel you’re really going crazy?

Do you ever feel as if it’s all getting a bit too much?

Do you ever feel socially inept?

Do you secretly tell yourself ‘I can’t handle this’?

Have you ever thought ‘I wish I could get away from it all for a bit’?

Are you taking medication for anxiety, stress, or depression?

Do you feel ‘Stuck’ and feel as if there’s nowhere to turn to?

Do you ever feel depressed?



– Drastically improve your ability to think clearly in all situations.
– Decrease & eliminate depression from your life.
– Increase your intelligence by helping you increase problems solving skills and increasing your creativity.
– Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
– Ability to sleep more deeply without interruption
– Gain a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life

Breakdown of The ReAwakening Product

1. 10 Guided Meditations – You will get 10 guided meditations narrated by Angela Artemis and Steven Aitchison. You have a choice of listening to the beautiful, angelic voice of Angela, or listening to the soft Scottish accent of Steven Aitchison.

2. The Instruction Manual for the ReAwakening Program – This manual will show you exactly how to use the program for maximum benefits

3. 3 Beautiful Guides – You will receive 3 guides about guided meditation and how silence will help you in your daily life. The three guides are: Guided Meditation The Miracle of The Heart The Power of Silence

Here is Everything You Will Receive With The ReAwakening Program

PDF Downloadable Content – You Will receive 4 PDF downloads: Instruction Manual, Ebook on Guided Meditation, Ebook: The Miracle of the Heart, Ebook: The Power of Silence

10 Guided Meditations – You will receive 10 Guided Meditations from Steven Aitchison and the same Guided Meditations from Angela Artemis, so you have the choice of listening to the beautiful angelic voice of Angela, or the soft Scottish accent of Steven.

Hundreds of testimonials – It has received hundreds of testimonials showing how effective it is in helping to balance mind, body and spirit. We have included some of these testimonials on this page.

Helpful Support Team – We will reply to your all of your queries within 7 hours of receipt and will always get back no matter if you’re sending us a testimonial or would like further help of any kind.

Guidance at Every Step – You will be guided through every step of the program, but most of the time it’s a matter of listening to the guided meditations and seeing the changes in yourself over the space of a few weeks.

Get Started Within Minutes – This is downloadable and there is no physical product to ship, so you can get started within minutes of your purchase.


The ReAwakening Guided Meditations