The Rapid Skill System – Proven College Basketball Workout



The Rapid Skill System – Proven College Basketball Workout


Introducing… The Rapid Skill System… Proven Basketball Skill Workout From A Former Pro



– A proven workout that focuses on the specific skills and drills you need to be able to compete at the next level.
– Learn how to keep working out when others quit.
– A flexible workout structure allowing you implement your favorite moves – creating your own game…giving you the foundation to begin your basketball career.
– You’ll learn the workout mindset you need to get the maximum return of skill level out of every workout you do.
– A 20 workout score sheet to keep track of your workouts and shooting percentage–so you can see the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

That’s Is Not All…

Free with your purchase, you will also receive:

The RST Video (NEW)

This video shows you the step-by-step process and leads you through the whole Rapid Skill System workout. The video and Rapid Skill eBook go hand in hand. The training video shows you the exact skills and drills expressed in the eBook.

In addition to the training video you will receive more valuable knowledge that is not shown in the eBook. For example:

– Learn 8 moves step by step including the spin move, in and out, and high crossover
– Critical shooting footwork to shoot the ball quicker, shoot with range, and the shoot coming off screens – so you can score more points
– 2 ways you must be able to dribble if you want to be an elite ball-handler in real games
– 2 proven ball-handling drills to help you become more effective with your dribble and enable you to go any way around your defender

On top of everything with your purchase of the Rapid Skill System you will also receive 97 page eBook :

“What Every Serious Player Should Know”

Within The Free eBook You’ll Learn:

– The one attribute you must have in basketball and if you don’t, failure is guaranteed.
– 5 easy ways to gain an edge on your competition that most players never take advantage of.
– 6 mental superpowers that you must have to be a great player.
– The aspect of the game Coach Luke focused on that increase his scoring average three points in just 7 games.
– …and much more

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The Rapid Skill System – Proven College Basketball Workout