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Are you serious about your golf-game? Are you obsessed with crushing your drives, sticking your irons and draining putts? Not to mention becoming top dog in your foursome?

No doubt you’ve noticed the rise in popularity of fitness-programs for the top players on all the Tours. Maybe you’ve started a program in hopes of adding more power-and-distance, but aren’t getting the results you were hoping for . . or even worse, you end up injured and can’t play at all.


Even though the best golf-swings are graceful, at their foundation they are also an example of “controlled violence”.

RAW POWER is what you need to crush your drives, get killer distance with all your clubs, and on the occasion when you need to go deep into the rough to get after your ball.

So if power is the key, then golfers should train using power exercises, right?

Yes, but…

Most amateurs who undertake a power golf-fitness routine end up with lackluster results and/or getting sidelined with an injury.

The reason for this common disappointment is…

They did not have a professionally designed, scientifically-based, golf-specific workout program that followed proper progressions and periodization.

In “non-exercise-science-geek” language – they put the cart waaaay before the horse.

The optimal order of exercise phases is the progression below:


If you jump right into strength and power-exercises (like most of us want to do), then you will likely either end up with more distance, but lack of consistency and control of the ball, and/or you will hurt yourself.

Don’t let this happen to you!

First, you need to ensure that you have adequate Flexibility and Range of Motion.

You don’t need to be Gumby or tie yourself up in knots. But the more range of motion you have in specific parts of your body, the more easily you will add yards with every club with consistency.

Second, you need to create Stability in other parts of your body.

Think about it, you know this is true in every golf-swing:

Some parts of your body need to move, while other areas need to remain still. This is what creates Torque.


Third, you progress to Strength Training.

But not the type the “meat-head” bodybuilders do.

Rather, you need functional, golf-specific strength training that will have a direct carry-over to your performance on the course.

Finally, you move onto Power-Training.

Introducing… The Power Golf Fitness System

Never before has it been so easy for serious golfers to get professional fitness-training. This is a complete program that will strengthen every part of your game.

And it is designed to be easily done at home in only 30 minutes per workout.

It will strengthen the four critical areas required for peak performance and injury prevention.

Here’s what’s included in The Power Golf Fitness System:

– Step-by-Step Videos!
– Over 100+ pages packed with golf-specific exercises and tools. There’s absolutely zero fluff, filler, or theoretical nonsense in the program. You’ll be able to start transforming your golf-fitness level immediately.
– Complete set and repetition tables for easy reference during your workout. This is foolproof. Everything you need to safely perform the exercises is included for easy reference.
– Clear photographs illustrate how to perform each exercise: The Manual is filled with photos of “yours truly” performing each stretch and exercise.
– Easy-to-follow weekly schedules customized for busy golfers.
– How to equip your home gym.
– Stretches you should NEVER perform before your golf-round! Surprisingly, certain stretches can hurt your performance.

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