The Pitch-Plane Dominator – Baseball Hitting Training Drills


The Pitch-Plane Dominator – Baseball Hitting Training Drills


Introducing… The Pitch-Plane Dominator


It is a simple 4-step formula that will:

+ Increase Batting Average on Balls in Play (BABIP) – you’ll learn how tweaking two simple things can super-charge batted ball distance, which means seeing the backs of outfielders, and not the front!
+ Reduce Strikeouts (K%) – you’ll discover how to conquer the root cause of striking out and mis-hits, and see coach get excited each time your hitter gets up!
+ Increase Repeatable Power (OPS) – soak up this one human movement rule and you’ll be a pitcher’s worst nightmare. The pitcher would be better off, stepping off the mound and throwing the ball in gap!
+ More Consistent Multi-Hit Games – getting 3, 4, and 5-hits in a game is not magic. When all four steps are achieved it makes multi-hit games doable!
+ And you’ll see dramatic changes in 60-days or less…

It is rooted in proven human movement science, research, and study. And rest assured, the human movement “laws” are reinforced by what is seen in the smallest power hitters in baseball. Hitters like:

Hank Aaron,
Sadaharu Oh (868 career homers in Japanese baseball),
Mickey Mantle,
Andrew McCutchen (2013 NL MVP),
Robinson Cano,
Jose Bautista,
David Wright, and
Josh Donaldson.

Not only that, but these same human movement laws are used by other successful explosive rotational athletes like Olympic Throwers (Shot Put, Javelin, Hammer, and Discus), Trapeze Artists, Lacrosse players, Golfers, and Tennis athletes.

And it works for fast pitch softball as well. With just a couple minor tweaks, your softball players can benefit from the same repeatable power principles as baseball players. And I go over what those tweaks are in the course…

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting:

You’re getting an exclusive 4-step training strategy packed with swing-transforming online videos your hitters can watch at their convenience, to rapidly and massively improve their batted ball distance. These modules are optimized for mobile devices, so your players can take advantage of the power of this training at home, on the go, or even in the dugout…

Here’s just a sample of what your players will learn:

+ How harnessing the laws of Gravity can consistently add 30 feet or more to ANY batted ball
+ How to finally hit like the top MLB players, no matter their size
+ The 1 odd twist that will give your players explosive rotational power fast
+ How to master the exact bio-mechanical systems that generate incredible power with minimal muscle exertion
+ And much, MUCH more.

The course isn’t a gimmick. It’s completely backed by proven human movement science. These “rules” never get old or stale. And the course will increase batting average, reduce strikeouts and mis-hits, keep power consistent, and boost batted ball distance in 60-days.


The Pitch-Plane Dominator – Baseball Hitting Training Drills