The Perfect Golf Swing


The Perfect Golf Swing


The concept of the swing model is the same for all golfers. There simply isn’t one swing for pros and another swing for long handicappers. It is either sound or unsound. The teaching method of the ‘model’ is to create the same end product in all pupils.

This end product is the perfect golf swing!

Introducing… The Perfect Golf Swing


In The Perfect Golf Swing, you will be taken, step by step, through all the stages of the ‘model’ – there will be no temporary cures for hooks or slices. These are symptoms of an unsound swing but we want you to replace the bad action with a sound one. What you need to know and as you achieve one phase, you can then move to the next. Dozens of pictures show you in the smallest detail, that are to be learned with this technique. There are no ‘temporary fixes’ or adjustments for a slice or hook. These ball flights are the symptoms of an improper swing.

Gradually, the entire swing will take place … a defined movement which is held by repetition. Soon you will have an action that sends the ball out there, dead straight, because it can’t go anywhere else. That’s what breeds confidence in one’s swing…. and performance arises out of confidence. And you can do all of this on your own!

Eventually, you will take the swing action for granted… it will be grooved and automatic. Then you will begin to play enjoyable golf, pitting your wits against the course. And that is what golf is all about.

Gradually, you will completely master the swing procedures… a particular sequence, which through constant repetition will become part of your golfing DNA.

Very quickly you have the feeling for the correct action that allows you to hit the ball straight at the point where you were aiming at and where you wanted it, because the ball has no chance to fly anywhere else! And like this you will gain the confidence and trust in your swing and technique …. and good performance comes from trust. FINALLY you will have the golf swing that is easy, flowing and repeatable.

It will be a kind of automatic reflex – similar to the military drill which serves the same kind of purpose: To be able to master a certain technique “in your sleep”. From that moment on, you will be playing enjoyable golf and start caring about the golf course instead of always having to think about how to swing your club or about how to hit the ball correctly.

That’s what golfing is about. The Leslie King method has turned duffers into champions. If you follow the methods to the tee, this system will do for you what it has done for countless players over the years.

Golfing should be fun!

Golf should be enjoyable. There is no reason why a player should have to struggle from year to year without making any improvements – with the Leslie King Method, this pressure is taken off you. By performing these techniques, you will automatically become a better player. But before golfing can be enjoyable and carefree, there is a need to go through an initial period of training, a learning curve in which you acquire a sound swing shape. Without the correct swing, you won’t be able to play enjoyable golf!

It’s just like learning to ride a bicycle, driving a car, or learning how to play a musical instrument. Your golf training, like these other activities, must be based upon a specific plan to be fruitful. Instructors who teach ballet, karate, horse riding, judo, or whatever, have a clear knowledge of what they are trying to create in their pupils and an equally clear knowledge of the techniques that will take the pupil to the desired goal.

It should be the same in golf… Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Most golfers have absolutely no idea of what they are trying to achieve and when they practice, they merely build-in their faults…

Golf instruction has tended to be a matter of ‘curing’ this or that fault, rather than giving a player a defined program for improvement.

The player needs a ready-made action plan so he can learn the correct techniques right from the start instead of trying to correct mistakes later on.

What you can expect from The Perfect Golf Swing:

  • The role of the body and the role of the arms and hands (p.5) (And why the body must be relaxed)
  • How to make the correct swing movement so the ball can only fly straight. Why the right grip is not the solution. (p.9) (Hint: your left forearm controls the clubface and overrotation in the backswing and downswing can lead to both slicing and hooking)
  • The secret of a long and lasting contact with the ball. (p.18) (Staying on the target line longer makes for straighter shots!)
  • Why the body has not an acting but a reacting role (p.5) (Relaxed muscles move faster than tense muscles.)
  • Why the body has not an acting but a reacting role (p.5) (Relaxed muscles move faster than tense muscles.)
  • What the function of the set up is (p.6) (Getting into a position allowing your arms to swing freely is key.)
  • The kind of body movement which destroys your swing completely (p.8) (specific examples. You see them every time you go to the driving range.)
  • What a weak position during the addressing of the ball is and what your feet have to do with it (p.8) (Active feet and legs help you to turn easier and more quickly.)
  • Why the “orthodox” grip doesn’t work for most players (p.9) (Tension in hands due to strange grips only slows down the swing.)
  • How to handle the club correctly (many pictures ) (p.10)
  • What the exact key to power and control over your stroke is (p.11) (Let the MECHANICS of the golf swing work for you, not brute force.)
  • The culmination of the swing and how to use it (p.18) (The test whether you performed the swing correctly. You can check it yourself without help.)
  • Front end therapy and which exercise will improve your swing and results dramatically (p.18-21) (Easy to practice in any large space – at home or at the office.)
  • The 3 basic requirements of a sound golf swing (p.22)
  • Open or closed stance: Which one is better? (p.24)
  • What the correct address position is and how you can adjust the distance to the ball as well as the club angle (p.26)
  • At which moment in time you need to position your feet in order to swing correctly… (p.27)
  • Why the backswing has nothing to do with generation of power (p.30)
  • How you can train a “left-sided dominance” and why you’ll need it (S.33)
  • The correct beginning of the backswing and when your shoulders should unwind (p.36)
  • How you can avoid that your left side collapses making the downswing impossible (p.37)
  • Which angle to the line of swing the club head needs to have during the backswing (p.38)
  • How much you should unwind your body during the swing (p.41)
  • What the correct sequence during your downward swing is and why you have to stick to it without fail (p.42)
  • How you can stabilize your swing and avoid staggering (p.45)
  • Weight displacement during backswing: Yes or no (p.45)
  • Where your weight should be during the backswing period and an easy but very effective method of achieving it (p.46)
  • Which small mistake completely can destroy your swing – disregard this and you will never become a sound golf player! (p.47)
  • Why the basic swing movement is the same for all club types (p.49)
  • How you can test if your backswing is correct (p.49)
  • What the key to the correct angle in the backswing culmination is (p.52)
  • The correct position of the hand wrist during the downswing (p.52)
  • The secret of long and precise shots (p.53)
  • What the basis of each good golf action is (p.54)
  • How you can avoid an overswing and what the causes are (p.58)
  • How you can recognize a bad golf swing (p.62)
  • Why many “body players” get back pain and you can avoid this for you (p.63)
  • Where your shoulders have to be during the downswing movement so the ball can reach the correct line of flight (p.65)
  • The 3 greatest downswing mistakes which should be avoided at all cost and how to correct them using easy means (p.67)
  • What you should feel at the culmination of your upswing (p.70)
  • How you can find the right timing for your shot (p.71)
  • How you can test every stroke by means of a special end control (p.74)

Which Advantages you will have by following the lessons included in The Perfect Golf Swing:

  • Your balls will not drift away anymore – You’ll get the pleasure in golfing back and you’ll never again have to be annoyed with your bad game!
  • You’ll get a success system which has led many players into the world elite of golf players. 100% success quote when used correctly!
  • You’ll save money because you don’t have to pay a golf instructor anymore who often takes as much as $70 an hour…! Learn at your own speed and without spending so much money!
  • You can impress all of your golf partners – you’ve never played golf like this before. Gone are the days when they were joking about you because of your bad game!
  • You can start thinking about the best strategies for your play instead of always having to think about how you need to swing the club or how to hit the ball really straight – you’ll reach a new golf dimension!
  • The next time when you’re playing golf, you’ll have a secret weapon – your golf partners will envy you for it…
  • You can save time because you’ll know exactly what the point is and how you can put it into action in the most effective way!
  • For the first time in your life you will be able to reach great scores even during golf tournaments – if that’s your goal.
  • You can give other players pieces of advice and by doing so, you’ll make a lot of new friends.

The Disadvantage:

  • You won’t have any excuses left if you are still playing bad golf. The system is based upon an active practice of the techniques. The best system cannot help if you are consuming it just “passively”…

Therefore, the key to your success still is called: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Is there a right moment to improve your golf score? How long do you want to wait until you’ll learn the correct techniques? Here and now and without any risk involved, you can start acting on a system which can improve your golf score by up to 9 strokes.

Why are you wasting your life playing bad golf? Improve your golf handicap here and now. This ebook delivers all the basics you’ll ever need in a step-by step method!

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The Perfect Golf Swing