The Millionaire Magnet – How to Marry the Rich Man of Your Dream


The Millionaire Magnet – How to Marry the Rich Man of Your Dream


If you’re tired of “Broke Guys,” “Losers” and guys who just aren’t on your level, you need to go watch this new video presentation from the self-made millionaire and relationship expert Adrian Adair.

It’s called “The Millionaire Magnet – How to Marry the Rich Man of Your Dream” and it teaches you the 3 Simple Steps any woman can take to make a wealthy man not just casually ‘date” you . . . but actually make him see you as THE ONE . . .


How would your life change if you were married (or dating) a millionaire?

Adrian gets letters every day from women saying their life has been transformed.

They now have prosperity and love.

2 birds killed with 1 stone.

The 2 most important human needs fulfilled in one man.

If you snapped your fingers right now and in came a:


….Who loved you so deeply that you felt it in every inch of your being.

How would that change your life?

Honey, it’s time to stop settling.

It’s time to get the man you deserve.

Live a life of wealth and prosperity with your rich soul mate.

In The Millionaire Magnet – How to Marry the Rich Man of Your Dream, Adrian lays out the absolute truth about what elite, millionaire men really want and NEED from a woman for them to be able to give EVERYTHING to her . . .

(In fact, he flat out tells you how one of his clients Laura attracted and married a rich man and made him fall for her HARD even though he was “playing the field” and thought he’d never settle down.)

What is the secret to marrying a rich man?

The good news is that the answer has been right in front of our nose all the time.

It’s as simple as:

1. Understanding location and proximity
2. Never Violating The Age Boundaries
3. Projecting Youthfulness

Now let me explain…

What do I mean by understanding location?

Well imagine that you had 3 places where you could go try to meet the man of your dreams.

Which one would you select:

A. Bar
B. Blind date
C. Business seminar or conference

Which do you think would give you the best odds?

Which is filled with hundreds of highly successful, smart, sophisticated men?

If you chose ‘C’ you would be right.

The first step in marrying a millionaire is to spend time in places that are full of ‘preselected’ men.

Preselected means that the majority of men are of the EXACT quality you want to date and marry.

Remember that humans are picky so in order for you to find 1 amazing man to be with for the rest of your life you need to meet at least 5 or 10 quality men at first.

Then over time as you get to know them you can narrow it down to the man who is your best match.

This is why it’s so important that you spend time in environments that are overflowing with amazing, successful, wealthy men.

And this is where you are going to be light years ahead of most women.

Think of what most women do (maybe what you have done in the past) – they try or they go out with girlfriends to restaurants and bars.

The problem is that and restaurant/bars are full of 99% of the type of men you want to AVOID!!!

For every 100 men on or at random restaurants and bars only 1 or 2 are actually the type of man you would want to marry.

Those are horrible odds and if you take that approach what will end up happening eventually is you will get discouraged and just give up or end up settling for an average man.

And I do NOT want that to happen to you.

So you must immediately STOP going to non qualified locations.

Now I am not saying that you can not go out with your friends and have fun at a bar or restaurant. Of course you can!

Just don’t expect those venues to be good sources for men.

How many hours a day are you spending in locations that have a high likelihood of you bumping into a millionaire man?

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