The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business


life-coach-marketing-bible-headerThe Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business


Worried About Where Your Next PAYING CLIENT Is Going To Come From?

Learn How To Instantly Put Your Marketing On Automatic Pilot So You Achieve A Full Practice Week In, Week Out….And You Can Focus On What You Love To Do!

This product will turn even the most boring and timid mentor into a brilliant PhD genius in MINUTES even if you know nothing about marketing and sales. And if you hate prospecting and the very thought of selling then this system is especially for you at it takes you through techniques and strategies that will make your clients come to you instead of you having to hunt them out all of the time.

Just imagine for a moment that you had a resource that could:

  • Help you to define and explain exactly what type you needed
  • Help you to define your niche in great detail
  • Work out the best ways to market to your niche at the least cost!
  • Tell you the pros and cons for using email, face to face and telephone mentoring so that you know what is the best one to use
  • Teach you how to design and use information products to generate a regular, passive income month after month
  • Help you to define the messages that will appeal to your niche market
  • Explain the top 9 essential tips to guarantee that your website will be a raging success with your prospects and clients
  • Cover all you need to know to get high rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • Hold your hand through the implementation of pay per click advertising
  • Teach you the ins and outs of direct selling
  • Help you design your promotional literature and sales letters to make sure that you were doing yourself justice.
  • Tell you how to design and implement winning postcard campaigns to generate an avalanche of leads and referrals
  • Help you to overcome any fears of public speaking and will map out a step by step strategy for you to get more speaking engagements with less effort
  • Cover the techniques and proven methods for you to be able to generate PR like it is going out of fashion – and it’s all free remember!
  • Teach you the exact same strategy to produce 6 paying clients out of every 10 free complimentary calls.
  • Help you to implement the right networking techniques to build a support group and referral generating community that will enable you to put your coaching business on automatic pilot!
  • Cover the rights and wrongs of advertising in publications, magazines and media and how to do it right first time.

Could you just imagine how successful it would be if you had access to all of the information described above?

Well now you can get all of that plus lots more besides!

Introducing…. Sean McPheat’s The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business


“The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business” is all of the very best material rolled up into one, very easy to understand publication.

“The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business” covers all you need to know to get more clients and to make more money.

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The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Grow Your Coaching Business