The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos


The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos


If you are like most people, your life is like a puzzle with mismatched pieces. While you struggle year after year to make things work, the pieces never completely snap together. The puzzle is never fully complete……

There are pieces missing, things just don’t feel right, and you know that changes are necessary.

That is when you may turn to fortune-tellers for their insight into the purpose of your life.

You may turn to them to enlighten you and help you finally put your puzzle together in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately, not everyone offering the services in our modern world can give you what you need.

Introducing… The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos


The Benefits

  • Never again blindly trust a report or prediction
  • Verify predictions for yourself
  • Keep your money rather than paying hundreds of dollars to the “experts”
  • Start trusting your own abilities to predict your future
  • Live your life according to accurate predictions you can trust
  • Relieve some of the tension and stress in your life as you make better predictions, and thus, better choices
  • Start putting those puzzle pieces in place so your life is more fulfilling

What Do You Get In the Collection?

The first book in The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos contains 327 pages and is focused on Astrology. It will help you understand what astrology is and how it is used in fortune telling. Reading the entire book will benefit you, but there are a couple chapters you may choose to skip if you want to focus exclusively on astrology as it relates to predictions. This book is in layman’s terms, so you will understand all of the information presented.

The second book focuses on numerology. This book will help you understand numerology enough to calculate a variety of numbers derived from your birthdate and full name. Whether you want to apply this knowledge to your life directly or use it to verify information given to you by someone else, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

The third book focuses on palmistry. This is not the most popular form of prediction, but it is incredibly accurate. This art started in India and was spread to the Western world through Cheiro and other popular palm readers. Cheiro actually wrote this book, so you will learn from one of the masters. The book contains 205 pages, and that includes 60 illustrations that will help you apply your knowledge in real life.

The remaining four books in the collection will further your ability to make predictions about your future. They focus on the following subjects:

– Tarot
– Fengshui
– Emegram
– Binural Beats

The book on tarot card reading is incredibly valuable because it allows you to find answers to your biggest life questions.

You don’t have to rely upon fortune-tellers to get the answers you need. You can do it for yourself and save a lot of money.

Fenshui helps you align your living environment to the positive energies of your life. This practice has been around for thousands of years, and with just a few changes in your home, you can embrace the benefits of positive life energy.

If you don’t think you will actually read all of the books included in this collection, this is still a great opportunity that you should take advantage of while it is available. You never know what information you will need in the future as you explore fortune-telling more.

There are more than 1,000 pages of material in The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos. That may seem like a lot, but it is meant to help you progress your prediction skills over a period of time. You can study at your own pace and learn how to do all of the following:

  • Create charts for yourself and your loved ones
  • Interpret charts accurately
  • Read palms for future predictions
  • Answer questions regarding the future
  • Check compatibility between people, things, your life
  • Determine lucky numbers
  • Determine the best times to take action in your life
  • Determine your ideal career field or life calling

These are services that many people pay the “experts” a lot of money to receive. This course will show you how to do these things for yourself, with accuracy, so you won’t have to pay someone else to give you the life-changing information you need.

Want to do something fun? Learn from this course and then compare the information you come up with against free reports and predictions found online. You will see just how inaccurate so many of those free “expert” resources actually are.

Prosper to the Highest Degree

How many times have you wished the following for your own life or the lives of your loved ones?

  • Happiness
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Harmony

Everyone wants these things, but few know how to maximize these positives in their life. When you learn to predict the future accurately with astrology, numerology and palm reading, you will know when to take particular actions in your life for maximum success.

Shake free of negative energy and surround yourself with the light of positive energy. Rather than dwelling in the pain of dark times, determine when things will look up and start planning ahead for those good times. You will always know with certainty that better times are on the horizon, and that brings hope where despair normally resides.

If you are at all interested in fortune telling, you deserve the chance to do for yourself what others may do for profit. Don’t fall for well-meaning but improperly trained “experts. The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos will help you do it yourself, and do it right.

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The Layman’s Guide To Fortune Telling – Ebooks And Videos