The Kick Ass Aquarium: How to Set Up, Maintain Freshwater Habitat


The Kick Ass Aquarium: How to Set Up, Maintain Freshwater Habitat


Discover the Natural System for keeping Aquariums and save yourself lots of $$$ and learn how to:

  • Stop Cloudy Water From Destroying Your Tank! – Find Out How On Page 32.
  • Stop Disgusting Algae Growth Dead In It’s Tracks! – Find Out How On Page 43.
  • Stop Throwing Away Your Hard Earned Money On Filters That Don’t Work By Getting The One And Only Filter You’ll Ever Need Right From The Start! – Find Out How On Page 21.
  • Never Again Waste Hours Of Your Time On Taking Apart The Entire Tank Just To Clean It (You Shouldn’t Ever Have To Do This People! Ever!). – Find Out How On Page 19.
  • Always Keep Your Fish Alive From Day 1 To Day 1001. – Find Out How On Page 41.

You can easily have the aquarium of your dreams.

Many of us think it’s impossible to have the perfect home aquarium: the type you see in tropical fish magazines.

Aquariums are actually very easy to care for if you simply change the way you do a few things.

Here’s the most important thing to keep in mind:

– Luck has NOTHING to do with it.
– You have to arm yourself with knowledge.

If you’re not serious about getting the knowledge that will stop your fish from dying and your aquarium from looking like a cloudy green mess, you will fail …and you’ll loose anywhere from $350.00 to $900.00 in the process!

Yes; 350 to 900 Dollars is the amount the average beginner basically throws away on what ultimately ends up as a dead or dying aquarium!

Introducing… The Kick Ass Aquarium: How to Set Up, Maintain Freshwater Habitat


When you check out this book and watch the aquarium care video lessons, you’ll be AMAZED by how simple it actually is to set up and maintain a thriving freshwater aquarium, a crystal clear underwater paradise.

Your Aquarium Will Blow Away Your Jealous Friends!

They’ll Soon Start Asking You For Advice!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in The Kick Ass Aquarium: How to Set Up, Maintain Freshwater Habitat:

  • The silly mistake most people make when setting up their aquarium …and how it can actually end up killing all your fish.
  • The natural “stability” method that cuts aquarium maintenance by as much as 83% …and makes Aquariums almost take care of themselves!
  • The number one way to keep your aquarium consistently clean …and how to take advantage of this amazing natural mechanism behind all aquatic ecosystems.
  • This breakthrough Aquarium Care system is guaranteed to let you transform your fish-tank into the Best Aquarium Ever!

This book teaches you tips and tricks for maintaining a thriving freshwater aquarium – bits of fundamental and essential knowledge that (I was frankly shocked) other books simply just don’t teach you!!! Other books just omit this very important information that I made sure to teach every single one of my customers while working at the aquarium stores!

Indeed, while most books just “recycle” and regurgitate outdated information, THIS book is the most up-to-date aquarium guide on the market and I poured my heart and soul into it so that YOU can finally have the aquarium of your dreams.

This book is both simple to understand and effective.

973 other aquarium owners use this very same Aquarium Care package you’ll be using.

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The Kick Ass Aquarium: How to Set Up, Maintain Freshwater Habitat