The Junk Science of Eczema


The Junk Science of Eczema 


Think of it as medicinal spam. It is no different than the stuff overloading your computer’s inbox. It is the junk science of eczema and if you fall for it you could do more harm than good.

About once every few months there is a new headline spreading across the internet. This new drug is the answer to your prayers. This recently discovered herb will cure your eczema for good. This miracle cream will end your child’s suffering for life. Start doing this simple activity and you’ll feel better in 3 days.

They all cite “scientific” evidence to proving their claim. 2 in 3 people experience this. This world renowned expert recommends that. With facts like that, how can you go wrong?

You have probably fallen victim to these claims more than once, even though you know better. It is easy to understand, something promising to end your pain and suffering is hard to dismiss. Unfortunately, you simply end up back where you started with an eczema flare up and a few less dollars in your pocket.

Junk science is an unfortunate side affect of any illness. Sufferers are especially susceptible because there is no real cure for the condition. It is a chronic, inherited illness and you cannot make it miraculously go away and never return. It can only be controlled and minimized. We are used to quick fixes instead of committing to long-term solutions, making us ideal candidates for junk science manipulations.

So, how do you know if you are following junk science? While you will have to evaluate each for yourself, there is a quick tip to help. To know if something will really help your eczema or if it is junk science, you need a science lesson on your body and what causes it.

The root of the problem is your immune system. For some reason, yours is having a severe reaction to harmless substances, like animal dander or nail polish. It is the reaction normally saved for true threats like harmful germs or extremely corrosive contaminants.

However, this is just one part of the problem. Sufferers also have an inherited weakness within the deeper layers of their skin. It is prone to pooling white blood cells, swelling, stretching, and tearing. It is also prone to dryness within the outer layers of skin, making it easier for the skin to tear and causing extreme itching.

As if that wasn’t enough, individual flare ups are caused when you are exposed to one of the allergens or irritants your immune system is reactive to. It is more than likely more than one item triggering your flare ups. Identifying your triggers and limiting your exposure to them is necessary to control your flare ups.

It does not matter how many scientific “facts” a product or program cites. If it does not address all three of these root causes, the eczema will not be controlled or managed. It may give some temporary relief, but the end result will probably set you back a few steps. In fact, your eczema could become quite worse. Knowing this, it should be easier to sort out the good information from the junk science.

You do not need to spend a lot of time researching, comparing, and contrasting the many options on the market, there is another answer. The ebook, Eczema Free, is a new program based on tried-and-true expertise. Far from junk science, it is written by a medical researcher who has studied both the science behind eczema and the best homeopathic treatments and combined that knowledge to counteract all three causes of eczema. There is no hype and it only promises to provide the logic and tools you need to solve your problem yourself.

Stop being a victim of junk science. Do not fall for fake-facts and statistics. Trust your instincts and let what you already know about eczema guide. If it sounds too good to be true, look for a better solution.

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