The Honey Phenomenon – Honey Health Benefits


Introducing… The Honey Phenomenon – How This Liquid Gold HEALS Your Ailing Body

Everything is presented in layman terms. (And for those who want to dive deeper, we include links to all the scientific studies.)

In this delicious guide, you’ll discover…

+ The sugars that you must avoid to hold onto your health. (Caution: these are everywhere!)
+ As with any sweets, moderation is key. Learn how you can use far less honey than white sugar in your cooking (and still maintain the same level of sweetness).
+ The “gift enzyme” bees provide that lets us take full advantage of the energy and nutrition found in honey. (Refined sugars, in comparison, force the body to use its own precious reserve of this enzyme before we can process them.)
+ Should you start brushing your teeth with honey? Maybe. Find out how research says it to be “effective” for reducing plaque and fighting gingivitis (even more than commercial mouthwashes)!
+ How honey reduces Homocysteine levels in the blood stream… decreasing your risk of heart attacks, stoke, and even Alzheimers!
+ And so much more…

Honey is far more than just a “better sweetener”. That’s because it is the ultimate treatment for wounds burns and infections.

Did you know that hospitals all over the world are turning to honey as the medication of choice for a number of conditions… including for wounds and burns?

This is in response to the growing body of research highlighting how effective honey is at killing dangerous infections and accelerating wound healing.

And in The Honey Phenomenon, you’ll see…

+ What to do with infected wounds that refuse to heal. (And how I used honey to successfully treat my mother-in-law when her leg got infected after surgery.)
+ The troubling report from the World Health Organization about how modern drugs are failing to keep us safe from genetically mutated “superbugs.” (Research shows honey devastates even the most resistant strains of MSRA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria.)
+ A recent study in New Zealand found honey heals burn wounds twice as fast as traditional dressings. Find out when it’s best to use honey for burns (and when you should seek medical attention.)
+ Taking care of a baby with diaper rash? Throw out the ointment and grab the honey! (Research reveals honey is just as effective.)
Got a painful rash or ulcer? See how one study found honey to be 4 times more effective than traditional dressings!


But that’s not the only health benefits it does…  it protects and beautifies your skin

Follow in the footsteps of Queen Cleopatra, one of the most magnetic and seductive women in human history. Her big beauty secret? Honey.

Historical documents say she relied on honey to keep her skin smooth, fresh, and moist… even in the scorching hot, dry Egyptian air.
honey protects

Health benefits you’ll learn:

+ How honey sucks moisture from the air and stops your skin from drying out (giving you a healthy, youthful glow).
+ Could honey be the secret to slowing baldness? See what participants in one study did to get “markedly less hair loss”… without using expensive hair creams, conditioners, or treatments!
+ The toxic ingredients found in most skin-care products (and the alternatives you should use instead).
+ Tired of white flakes of dandruff ruining the glamour of your black dress or dark suit? Try out this homemade, honey “conditioner”. (It only takes one week for noticeable results!)

Feeling run down? Don’t, because… it fuels also your metabolism

When your metabolism is running in high gear, your body incinerates body fat and floods your system with an abundance of energy.
honey fuels

Unfortunately, there are a number of disorders that can throw your metabolism out of balance — leaving you exhausted and making it nearly impossible to lose weight.

One answer, according to the latest science, may just be honey.

You’ll uncover…

+ The difference in how your body stores excess energy from honey compared to refined sugars. Hint… processed sugar goes straight to ugly body fat.
+ Conventional wisdom says that people with diabetes should avoid ALL sugar and sweets. However, some surprising research about honey suggests otherwise. Find out why eating some honey may be OK for people with diabetes.
+ The reason honey improves fat metabolism and disposal… and lets you quickly burn away unwanted fat on your belly, thighs, and face.
+ How honey’s “slow release” effect provides your body with a stable, even burn of energy. (No more dangerous blood-sugar crashes that leave you miserable and cranky.)

That’s not all. Are you looking for a clean breath of fresh air? It can clean up cough colds and even allergies

Ah, springtime — the season for warm weather, blossoming flowers, and for 40 million Americans… seasonal allergies.

But you don’t have to suffer the itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and runny noses any longer. In The Honey Phenomenon, you’ll learn…

One answer, according to the latest science, may just be honey. Here, you’ll uncover…

+ How this specific type honey inoculates you against many seasonal allergies. Breathe easy as you play outside with your kids (even while trees create “dust-storms” of pollen).
+ Certain fungal infections in the sinus can cause serious inflammation and pain… and traditional nasal sprays only make matters worse. Use this homemade, honey-based spray instead (step by step recipe included).
+ Got a persistent, annoying cough keeping you awake at night? Reclaim your sleep with this research-backed “honey and coffee” cough syrup. (It clears even the most stubborn cases.)

Does the word “cancer” make you nervous? Don’t let it, because… honey help

Everyone knows that when it comes to cancer, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And the very best prevention is helping the body maintain healthy cells.

A single spoonful of honey is packed with over 16 types of antioxidants — all of which rebuild the cells in your body, fight free-radical damage, and combat aging.

You’ll see…

+ Why honey is the sweetener of choice for those with cancer (including colon cancers, leukemia, breast cancers, and more).
+ How the “super-power” antioxidants found in honey help your body stop cancer before it starts. (Even trace amounts of these antioxidants promote rapid growth of healthy tissue.)
+ The preliminary studies in animals that show how honey may help inhibit the spread of leukemia cells.
+ Side-effects of cancer treatments can sometimes be as painful as the cancer itself. See how you can use honey to treat and prevent painful radiation damage.

This one simple sweetener you can purchase right off the shelf of your local grocer can:

+ Heal and beautify your skin
+ Treat persistent infections
+ Fuel your metabolism
+ Boost your immune system
+ Help fight cancer
+ And much, much more…

But there are still some very important things you MUST know to benefit the most from honey… warning not all honey is created equal

Just a few years ago, researchers launched an in-depth investigation on jars, jugs, and plastic bears of honey sold across 10 different states. Their discovery… 76% of honey sold in stores was “not real honey”!

These “ultra-purified” honeys were found to be highly processed, contain no traces of pollen… and come LOADED with added sugar, corn syrup, and other dangerous chemicals. You’ve got to be careful.

In The Honey Phenomenon, you’ll discover…

+ The best source for honey. (It’s not the grocery store.)
+ Don’t trust the label. Honey manufactures aren’t required to tell you if they’ve added sugar or other junk into your honey. Use these two quick tests in your kitchen to make sure you have 100%, real honey.
+ At what age it’s safe to feed honey to kids. (Children younger than this have immature immune systems that are at risk for a rare, but potentially FATAL condition.)
+ Which type of honey is ideal for medicinal uses. (Unfortunately, most supermarkets don’t have it on their shelves.)
+ The one type of honey you MUST avoid. A single tablespoon of this can cause hallucinations, brain damage, and even death. It’s so potent that soldiers in ancient times would feed it to their enemies.

The Honey Phenomenon contains everything you need to know to take advantage of the honey’s health benefits for yourself. It details all the leading scientific research and most effective treatments. And, it shows you exactly what honey to look for (and what honey to avoid).


The Honey Phenomenon – Honey Health Benefits