The Healthy Mom Guidebook – Mom Lose Belly Fat


The Healthy Mom Guidebook – Mom Lose Belly Fat


Introducing the Solution for Busy Moms: The Healthy Mom Guidebook 

The goal of this ebook is to show you that you can lose fat without hours at the gym or in the kitchen. There is no magic plan that works. You will only be able to sustain and maintain your plan if it works with your lifestyle and that is exactly what this guidebook will teach you how to do. You can eat real food that tastes great, have energy, and look your best as a busy mom without a restrictive diet and exercise plan. When you follow this guidebook, you can follow it at your pace without ever feeling like you *should* be farther along. This guidebook goes beyond nutrition and fitness…it will teach you how to feel and look your best in less time so you can enjoy every minute with your kids. This is the ultimate guide for convenience eating as a busy mom.

Who is it for?

A busy mom who:

is ready to lose fat without sacrificing her life.
who wants to lose fat without a plan taking over her life.
who wants efficient and effective exercise.
who wants to get her workouts done at home without a gym membership.
who wants to lose fat but does not know where to start.
who wants a plan that fits into her lifestyle without a deadline or timeline.
who is ready to finally lose fat without slaving in the kitchen.
who is ready for a plan to help her on her way.
who wants to DIY her way to a fat loss lifestyle.

Who is it NOT for?

Someone who is after rapid weight loss.
Someone who wants a plan to tell them everything they cannot eat.
Someone who wants to spend hours in the gym.
Someone who wants to count calories.
Someone who needs extra support and accountability

What can you expect as a result of using this ebook?

After using this ebook you will learn how to be a healthy and fit mom despite your crazy hectic schedule. This ebook has no expiration date and by using the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle tools, you will create a healthy relationship with food and be on your way to being a healthy and fit without spending hours in the kitchen or the gym. This is about finally taking care of yourself so that you can be the best mom to your children. This ebook is the whole package when it comes to “convenient fat loss.” It will teach you how to make healthy choices on the go, fit exercise into your day and become happy, healthy and balanced while still living your life.

You can also expect to have more patient, have the energy to keep up with your kids and of course be a positive role model.

This ebook will show you the big rocks of fat loss so you can finally quit “program jumping” and start doing consistently — no off-the-shelf diets, no rigid rules, only insight, learning, effective workouts and a complete education in YOU. Its time to invest in you!

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The Healthy Mom Guidebook – Mom Lose Belly Fat