The Handsome Factor: Men’s Appearance Transformation Guide




The Handsome Factor: Men’s Appearance Transformation Guide


Ever since you were a little kid, people have probably been telling you that “looks don’t matter.”

They’ve told you that regardless of your appearance, you can still be happy with yourself… that your looks have nothing to do with confidence or success.

You may have heard that “you’re beautiful on the inside, and that’s all that matters.”

Well, They Were Lying To You!

Countless scientific studies have shown that your physical appearance has a massive impact on all areas of your life.

Again and again, it’s been proven that good-looking people have…

Better, more frequent sex
Healthier relationships
Lower divorce rates
More prestigious careers
Significantly higher incomes
More close friends
Busier social lives

Simply put, anyone blessed with natural good looks has an automatic advantage.

Of course, that also means that unattractive and sometimes even “average” looking people are at a distinct disadvantage in all of these areas.

It’s not fair, but it’s reality…


If You’re Unattractive, People Will Discriminate Against You

In fact, they probably already are.

Even if you already look like David Beckham, you’ve probably lost out to someone better-looking at some point in your life.

Human beings are genetically hard-wired to gravitate towards attractive people.

It’s a subconscious trait that we’ve inherited from our ancestors, after millions of years of evolution.

Why do you think big companies only use good-looking people in their advertisements? It’s because they want you to associate their products with beautiful people.

Every day single of your life, people have judged you based on the way you look… and unless you happen to be blessed with stunningly good looks, that’s not a good thing.

For guys like you and me, this is important information.

It means if you’re not good-looking, beautiful women won’t give you the time of day…

You’ll get passed over for the best jobs…

You’ll have more trouble making and maintaining friendships…

BUT… I’ve got some good news for you…

You’re NOT A Slave To Your Genetics!

Just because you’re not happy with the way you look right now doesn’t mean you’re screwed forever.

You can change the way you look.

You can finally strut through life with confidence.

You can finally be that guy who walks into the room and instantly becomes the center of attention.

You can finally be satisfied.

Everyone can unlock their hidden potential by using my secret techniques and following my step-by-step plan.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re the ugliest guy alive or if you think your appearance is just “average”… these strategies will work for you.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your life…

if you’re ready to finally conquer your unfavorable genetics and transform your appearance…

…then this is your lucky day. Keep reading, and you’ll see why…

This system begins with the best-selling book that one expert called the “appearance transformation bible”…


This Isn’t Just Any Book…

It’s 241 pages of explosive, step-by-step instruction that will enable you to transform your appearance in a matter of days.

You can’t find this kind of no-nonsense, easy-to-follow information anywhere else, at any price.

This ISN’T Just A Book…

It’s a complete system that includes absolutely everything you’ll need to permanently enhance your look!

The second edition is a completely comprehensive program that will walk you through all of your questions.

Best of all, this new system includes personal email coaching.

For now, let’s take a look at the complete program…
the-handsome-factor-bundle Because scientific studies have shown again and again that attractive people are happier and more successful, I have developed a program that will help men dramatically improve their appearance. In turn this will lead to greater confidence and an overall greater satisfaction with life.

This program is a complete step-by-step appearance transformation system. It includes three major components: a 240-page ebook, a 3-part audio course, and a month of personal email coaching from myself and my two female assistants.

The program focuses on areas such as fashion, hairstyle, hygiene, grooming, skin care, cosmetic dentistry, weight loss, and muscle building.

The main ebook, a customized PDF file, is professionally formatted with more than 50 graphics and pictures. The audio course is read by a professional voice over artist and is recorded on very high quality studio equipment. The personal coaching responses are polite, prompt, and generally quite helpful.

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The Handsome Factor – Appearance Transformation System