The Golf Driver Hit Longer Exercise Program – Isometrics Training


The Golf Driver Hit Longer Exercise Program – Isometrics Training


#1 Golf Training for Faster Swing Speed and Increased Stability

Hit Longer Drives and Lower Your Score in Days

Revolutionary new swing speed exercises quickly increase swing speed and stability for longer drives and lower scores.

drive-longer-bundle What Makes This Training Different?

Conditions Muscles For Faster Swing Speed – When you do these exercises you will be conditioning your swing muscles for faster contraction speed without adding bulk and in ways other training is not capable of doing.

No Special Equipment Needed – The exercises can be done practically anywhere and anytime and require no special equipment.

Helps Nearly Anyone Drive Longer – These exercises are safe and work for nearly anyone – including yourself. They can be used by Men and Ladies, Professionals and Amateurs of all ages and skill levels to increase driving distance.

Longer Drives Come Quickly – Golfers using this training often see dramatic results in their drives and shots very quickly, … even if they have been doing other types of swing training for some time.

Takes Up Very Little Time – The exercises take only about 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week. And they condition the muscles of the upper and lower body so they can work together for a faster swing with greater control and stability.

Being Used by Thousands – Thousands across the world have used these swing speed exercises with overwhelming success. Many are setting new personal distance records with their drives, while onlookers observe in amazement.

How it Works…

Isometrics – The way we teach it the end result is the entire muscle quickens and strengthens very quickly.

The Resistance Band – The variable resistance properties of the band will isolate and condition your muscles so they react with speed and quickness without adding bulk.

The Exercise – To quickly improve strength, speed and coordination in your swing, the resistance band with isometric training on the muscle and joint movements of the golf swing is exactly what you need.

Do Not Delay, With Faster Swing Speed You Will…

Hit Longer Drives and Irons over Hazards
Become a Better Golfer and Play Longer Courses
Make the Big Shot when the Match is on the Line
Take Your Golf Game to the Higher Levels
Get the Attention of Other Players and Observers
Astonish Friends and Foe alike with Your New Power Drives
Lower Scores and Take Home More Trophies
Feel Great About Your Game and Yourself
Enjoy the Game More Than Ever and Be Inspired to do even Better

Place Your Order and Get Started

The sooner you get started the sooner you will be beating all your drive distance records, lowering your scores and feeling great about your swing and your golf game.

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The Golf Driver Hit Longer Exercise Program – Isometrics Training