The Goldfish Doctor – Book Review



The Goldfish Doctor – Book Review


“The Goldfish Doctor” is a comprehensive guide for goldfish enthusiasts. This online e-book is written in a format that is easy for new hobbyists to understand and can be a handy reference for experienced hobbyists as well.

It has been separated into four different sections: Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Euthanasia.

The Diagnosis section has an easy to follow chart that allows you to quickly and easily compare symptoms with known diseases, and guides which allow you to narrow down the possible ailments.

The Treatment section emphasizes the need to follow the treatment instructions through to the end, and the usage of a hospital tank. This section also explains how to treat the current symptoms that the fish is experiencing as well as the underlying causes of the disease.

The Prevention section gives a good solid foundation about the requirements of keeping goldfish that includes the importance of good filtration, good water quality, regular water changes, appropriate feeding, reducing stress, observing the fish, and how to choose healthy fish for the tank.

The final section of the book deals with the controversial subject of euthanasia. Although our goal is to keep a fish healthy as long as possible, occasionally they will get an ailment which can’t be treated with conventional medications and the most humane thing left to do is to put it out of it’s misery. This section deals with the ethical issues surrounding the subject, and safe and painless ways to euthanize a fish.”

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