The Firefighter Oral Board Questions & Answers Interview Guide



The Firefighter Oral Board Questions & Answers Interview Guide


Learn How to Absolutely ‘Smoke’ Your Firefighter Interview So You Can Come Out on Top And Get the Job!

. . .Once you know what questions will be asked during your interview and how to answer those tough questions, there’s simply no way you can fail.

It really comes down to this…

Pass the oral board interview, and you make it on the eligibility list…

But fail…and you’re headed home to break the bad news to your family and friends…and all that you have done…the testing, the time off work, the written exam, the physical agility test…have all been a complete waste of your time.

So ask yourself…

How Bad Do You Want This?

If you’ve made it past the written test and you’re now preparing for your oral board or chief’s interview, you should pat yourself on the back. You’ve come a long way.

But unfortunately…now comes the hard part.

You see, the written tests for the majority of fire departments across the country are geared solely to eliminate the walking dead…those that have no clue to what they’re getting into.

The oral board interview, on the other hand, is the most important step in the hiring process. And everything you’ve done up to the oral interview, is merely a “stepping stone” to the big show.

In most cases, once you pass the written test, your oral board interview counts as 100% of your overall score!

Understand that the oral board interview is where the decision is made to either hire you or pass you up for a more qualified applicant.

There’s one thing that holds true: the most qualified applicants don’t always get the job…

The most prepared interviewers do!

Here’s why:

On average, there are over 100 applicants applying for each open firefighter position nationwide! That means there are at least 99 people that will do anything to beat you out of the firefighter spot you want.

With competition like that, you need all the help you can get.

Ask yourself these questions…

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into your oral board interview fully prepared, relaxed and ready to tackle all the tough questions they’re going to throw at you?

Wouldn’t it be great to virtually eliminate the unknown?

Wouldn’t things be a whole lot easier on you if you knew what questions were going to be asked BEFORE you arrived at the oral board interview?

And wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew EXACTLY how to answer those tough questions…so much so that your oral board panel was actually begging you to take the job?

An Opportunity to Move to the Top of the List

Let’s face it. If you’re not 100% ready to absolutely “smoke” your oral interview…if you’re thinking that just passing is enough to get you hired…you are COMPLETELY misinformed.

It just doesn’t work that way!

This is your one and only opportunity to shine! With 99 other people competing for each open slot, you can’t come in only _ prepared. Because when you do that, it’s easy for so many other people to score higher than you…

And when someone scores higher than you on the oral board interview, they’ll appear to be the better choice.

Score high on your oral board interview…and you’re all but hired.

But fail…or pass with just a meager score…and you’re off to break the bad news to your friends and family members that were counting on you.

So ask yourself this question honestly…

Are You 100% Prepared to Ace Your Oral Interview?

When it comes down to it, there are really only two types of firefighter applicants. Those that get the job and those that don’t. And judging by the sheer numbers of people testing with you, you know the majority of the applicants aren’t going to get the job.

And the key to those getting the job comes down to preparation…



The ultimate oral board interview success guide…a completely up to date, comprehensive manual that’s designed to help you absolutely ‘smoke’ your oral interview and get the job.

Ace The Firefighter Interview! not only tells you what you need to know to pass the oral board interview…it’s the “inside” stuff that guarantees you a top score that will propel you to top of the list so you’re in a prime position for landing the job.

It is a downloadable PDF guide that’s loaded with tips, tricks and inside information for passing the firefighter oral board interview. And best of all, it’s jam-packed with the most commonly asked questions (and the best answers) that virtually guarantee you a top spot on the hiring list.

It Is really like an 8-hour firefighter interview seminar all wrapped up into a comprehensive guide you can finish tonight.

The information it contains is a combination of ongoing experience as an oral board rater, networking with other department’s oral board raters, oral board seminars and exhaustive study and comparison with competitors to make sure this guide is everything you need.

Simply put, it  is totally comprehensive. You’re going to get everything you’ll need to know to get a top score on your firefighter’s oral board interview, including:

– Tons of sample interview questions—once you know what questions will be asked, you take the unknown out of the equation and put yourself into a position to get hired
– Tough sample scenario questions—I call these the “killer” questions because they’re responsible for more oral board failures than anything else. Get these ones right and you’ve got nothing to worry about
– Great answers to even the toughest oral board questions—knowing the questions is only half the battle—being prepared with the right answers is what propels you to the top of the list
– Rationale behind the oral board—once you know what the board is trying to accomplish and what they’re looking for—you’ll know EXACTLY what to give them
– Complete guidance for the tough questions you’re going to be asked—learn how to answer tough questions with grace and confidence and you’ll instantly become a top selection
– Learn the reasoning and thought process behind each oral board question so you can apply what you know to anything they throw at you
– Learn the rationale behind the questions—make no mistake, the oral board will try to mask their questions through several ways. When you know the rational behind those questions, you’’ be able to apply that rationale no matter how well they “disguise” the question.
– Discover the “right” way to answer questions—tips, tricks and secrets to “wow-ing” your oral board during the interview
– Dressing for success—a comprehensive guide for males and females. Don’ think for a minute that your dress doesn’t count
– Discover the body language secrets that you must follow to let the oral interview panel know that you can do the job
– Making a good first impression—learn the A to Z steps of arriving for and exiting the interview to ensure you’re remembered by your interview panel

Once you get Ace the Firefighter Interview! In your hands, you won’t believe the stress that’s going to be lifted from your shoulders. You’ll have a clear advantage over all those testing against you and you’ll be 100% prepared for the uncertainty of the oral board interview.


The Firefighter Oral Board Questions & Answers Interview Guide