The Driving Fear Program: Overcome Your Anxiety


driving-fear-headerThe Driving Fear Program: Overcome Your Anxiety


You don’t feel afraid because you’re weak, silly, or strange. You feel scared or uncomfortable while driving for one reason, and one reason only. Your anxiety has tricked you.

You probably had a bad experience while driving, such as getting anxious for no apparent reason or having a panic attack, and from a small handful of experiences you developed an intense fear response that you carry with you to this day. You only needed a very small amount of experience for your brain to learn something very powerful.

Now here’s the good news…

If done correctly, you can use that same rapid learning ability to be taught something new – to learn to NOT be afraid while driving.

It is simply a message. Your brain is telling you that something is dangerous and you need to be on guard, ready to take action to protect yourself or escape!

But here’s the big problem…

Your brain is making a huge mistake!

Based upon those small handful of experiences, your brain has wrongly learned that you are in danger from your feelings of anxiety and now considers driving a threat.

Maybe when you get anxious you worry that you’ll lose control, pass out, die, or go crazy…

Understandably, those scary thoughts frighten you and your mind goes on “red alert’ to protect you from the perceived “threat.”

This activates what is called the “fight or flight” response, which has been part of our genetic makeup for thousands of years. This response causes your body to take massive action to protect itself from harm, and it doesn’t even bother asking your approval!

It does this on a very primitive, emotional level, giving you no opportunity to properly evaluate the situation using your own judgment and logic as to whether or not the threat it perceives is real. That’s why it has nothing to do with your intelligence and why just knowing it isn’t justified doesn’t help… the decision to get anxious or panic isn’t occurring on a rational level.

Within milliseconds, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol surge through your body which cause symptoms such as racing thoughts, a pounding heart, vision changes, sweating, a strong urge to escape the situation, and more.

Of course you know that this response isn’t appropriate when you’re not in real danger, so you need to learn how to teach your brain to respond differently when you drive so it doesn’t keep getting tricked into starting the fight or flight reaction in the first place.

The core of the problem is that your mind has learned to associate driving and your anxiety with danger, which simply isn’t accurate, but you don’t yet know how to teach yourself the truth. But it IS possible and you CAN learn how to respond differently…

You DON’T have to live with it. You CAN overcome it. Here’s how…

It is what’s called a “conditioned” response.

Your mind wrongly associates your anxiety and fear with driving and assumes that driving must be dangerous and a threat, so it activates the flight or flight response we talked about earlier. This learning is done by the formation of what are called “neural pathways” in the brain.

Every time you drive in the future and experience anxiety and fear, you strengthen your mind’s false belief and create MORE neural pathways that strengthen your fear response, resulting in a faster and more severe reactio. You actually “condition” yourself to be afraid!

Maybe it seems hard to believe that this is how it was formed, but this is how you learned to do many things that are now almost instinctual, like riding a bike. At first, you had to pay close attention to what you were doing and it was awkward as your brain created the neural pathways for the balance and coordination of bicycling. But with practice, those neural pathways multiplied and grew stronger and you started to ride and make hundreds of subtle adjustments without any conscious thought at all. It became automatic and now you don’t have to think about how to ride a bike, you just hop on and pedal away, your mind simply remembers HOW by referring back to the neural pathways you created many years ago.

In a similar but less appropriate way, as you create more neural pathways in your brain, you can make your reaction more automatic, more deeply ingrained in your mind, until that reaction occurs without you even thinking about it. It’s just like riding a bike, tying your shoes, or countless other things you’ve learned to do seemingly without thought.

Doesn’t it make sense then that the way to overcoming your fear of driving is to erase the old limiting neural pathways of anxiety and replace them with new neural pathways of confidence, peace, and calm?

All of this occurs on a very deep, primitive, and emotional level, and is why so many programs and therapies fail. They attempt to correct an emotional problem on a logical level… it just won’t work!

Traditional talk therapy often attempts to “explain” to you why you don’t need to be anxious while driving. Are you CHOOSING to be afraid? Do you think you just need more facts, figures, statistics, or other rational arguments? Do you think you just need someone to tell you why having it doesn’t make logical sense and you’ll feel ok?

Like you learned, once it starts, your fear can be virtually out of your control. Logical explanations and talking it over won’t stop it any more than you can talk yourself out of a headache.

You need to learn to stop it BEFORE it starts.

Introducing… The Driving Fear Program: Overcome Your Anxiety

driving-fear-bundle The Driving Fear Program: Overcome Your Anxiety is not about taking addictive or dangerous medications that only mask the symptoms of the REAL problem.

The program is not about New Age nonsense, hypnosis, affirmations, or other hocus pocus that often does NOTHING to help you overcome your fear of driving.

The program has become the most widely used and recommended program for treating driving anxiety anywhere in the world for one very simple reason, it works.

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The Driving Fear Program: Overcome Your Anxiety