The Difference Between Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering


The Difference Between Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering


Sometimes people struggle implementing the law of attraction in their life.

It can be really discouraging. Even depressing.

There’s hope.

Would you be surprised if I told you there’s a difference between the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering?

I was surprised as you may be right now.

Law of Attraction is passive, allowing you to experience the good things in your life.

Cosmic Ordering is different. Way Different.

If Cosmic Ordering is new to you, it’s an ACTIVE rather than passive method to align yourself with the universe to manifest what you want. Active and at the same time effortless.

It’s the same principle followed and applied by Oprah, Richard Branson and Warren Buffett to get themselves to where they are right now.

Yes, there are things you can do to ensure the universe hears your requests and fulfills them.

Don’t be deceived. There’s a reason the law of attraction and Cosmic Ordering may not have worked for you. Zoey explains the reasons with a personal story that blows me away.

In her video, acclaimed Cosmic Ordering authority, Zoey Knightley does a great job explaining how to make Cosmic Ordering work in your life. It has help thousands of enlightened people finally start manifesting their dreams, goals and desires.

In the video, she reveals the 3 secrets to Cosmic Ordering the majority of “Law of Abundance” books don’t discuss.

Including the most famous one “The Secret”.

Some people have said just watching the video again and again has produced some pretty amazing results in their lives.

If you’re tired of waiting for Law of Attraction to work its magic in your life, you owe it to find out more about Cosmic Ordering.

It’s incredible, changing the lives of people everywhere.

Imagine being able to ask the universe for what you want and GET IT. Quickly, easily, consistently.

It’s not magical, it doesn’t require work or take a long time. Let Zoey explain how it works.

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