The Complete Ragdoll Cat Keepers Handbook


The Complete Ragdoll Cat Keepers Handbook


Here is your chance to get your hands on the most comprehensive ragdoll cat keeping guide available!

If you keep these pets or are planning to then this handbook is especially for you!


This amazing new e-Book has just been released and is a comprehensive guide to owning a ragdoll cat. It covers everything you need to know about keeping them including training, breeding and showing them.

Packed with valuable information this ebook will guarantee best conditioned, best of breed. If your cat has behavioral problems or you simply want to know all the cat care facts then this book has the answers you are looking for.

Professional breeders may tell you that these pets are difficult to keep. But the truth is…

“These beautiful cats are easy to keep and breed but only if you know all the trade secrets….”

All these trade secrets are revealed in ‘The Complete Ragdoll Cat Keepers Handbook’


Here are five good reasons why this ebook will transform the way you care for your pets:

  • Every detail has been written by experts.
  • Compiled from expert sources from all around the world.
  • Its written in step by step easy to understand sections.
  • Its the most comprehensive resource of its kind on the market.
  • It contains everything you could possibly want to know.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • Professional grooming techniques
  • Litter box training
  • Feeding and Caring for pregnant females
  • Feeding and Caring for kittens
  • Revealed… Solutions to behavior problems
  • Training
  • How to teach your cat to do tricks
  • What household foods and plants are poisonous to cats
  • Home made natural remedies and recipes
  • Breeding
  • How to become a registered breeder
  • Using ‘Stud Lists’
  • How to grade and list your kittens
  • How to prepare it for showing
  • Plus much more

This ebook has been researched and written with you in mind and will empower you with all you need to ensure your pets cats health and well-being.

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The Complete Ragdoll Cat Keepers Handbook