The Complete Puppy Obedience Training at Home Course


the-complete-puppy-training-package-headerThe Complete Puppy Obedience Training at Home Course


Have you seen one of those small gerbil wheels, where the gerbil keeps running round and round, failing miserably to get anywhere?

Would this describe your puppy training attempts? Trying so hard to get them to obey you, but just not getting anywhere?

Maybe, you haven’t even begun!

Introducing… The Complete Puppy Obedience Training at Home Course


Once You Learn The lessons in The Complete Puppy Obedience Training at Home Course

  • You will NEVER have to feel frustrated with him not listening to you.
  • You will NEVER have to be humiliated by him displaying aggressive behavior.
  • You will NEVER have to be embarrassed in front of people as your pup ignores your commands when people visit you or while walking.
  • You will NEVER have to desperately struggle again with housetraining problems and endure stinky and damaged furniture.
  • You will NEVER regret making the decision to get your pup or face the heart-breaking point of deciding it’s best to give them away.

Here’s Just a Taste Of What’s You’ll Accomplish With These Techniques:

  • How to quickly introduce your pup into your home and avoid the mistakes that new dog owners make
  • Key strategies to keep your him warm, safe and preoccupied
  • How to speed-train your pup by taking advantage of his natural desire to obey you.
  • 20 poisonous foods he should never eat.
  • An amazingly simple way to get fast results using your pup’s “den instinct”
  • 5 quick start steps to grooming and caring for your dog’s eyes, teeth, ears, nails and coat.
  • The vital importance of being prepared for emergency and accident situations.
  • Effective ways to reduce the pain involved in saying goodbye to a pet and helping children deal with loss.
  • How to avoid the most common and dangerous nutrition mistakes.
  • How to use treats and praise the right way.
  • Very simple tactics to prevent dog attacks and safeguard your children.
  • Many great games and fun things to do with him that they will love.
  • A brand new way to manage motion sickness when traveling.
  • Quick and easy ways to get your pup to walk on a leash at your side and obey your commands when off the leash.
  • The absolute best way for you to communicate with your dog AND understand what your pup is trying to tell YOU.
  • How to effectively housetrain him without creating abandonment issues, yelling or hitting them.
  • The Critical element involved in introducing him to a baby.
  • The fastest and easiest way to keep him from barking all night!
  • The guaranteed secret to eliminate chewing and digging.
  • A surefire way to correct any of your dog’s unwanted behavior, from jumping and nipping to digging in the yard. This method works like magic!
  • The 7 Steps to Choosing a Friendly and Compliant Dog.
  • How to keep him from crying, howling, and whimpering at night …Guaranteed!
  • A quick-fix solution that’ll keep him off the furniture forever.
  • The great secret to effectively training him through love and leadership.
  • 20 ground rules which make training so much easier.
  • The number one secret to making his training “permanent”.
  • Surprising solution for getting him used to different sounds and people.
  • An quick-fix solution that’ll keep him off the furniture forever.
  • The single most important fact to consider to avoid diseases in your pet.
  • 5 keys to choosing the right vet.
  • A little-known secret to eliminate anxiety from your pup when you leave the home or travel for long periods

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The Complete Puppy Obedience Training at Home Course