The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide


The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide


What is the difference between an idea and a million dollar idea? Absolutely nothing. All ideas are just ideas in the beginning. What takes an average idea to being an amazing one is action with a little bit of self-belief thrown in. You are now one of the select few people in this world who has taken the first step to controlling your own future. Welcome to the opportunity to make as much money as you like – no ceilings.

This is a collection of the secrets, tips and tricks in the industry for starting and operating the biz. These are some of the best advice from the top operators in the industry.

Reading this book is a great start as it is full of practical information. However, the more you read the more your skills will improve, the better ideas you will have, the more your passion for your biz will grow and the stronger it will become.

Reading this book is the smartest investment you can make to fast tracking your PBB.

Introducing… The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide


It is completely true that where ever you take your biz is up to you – what matters is building a successful and profitable platform around it so you can sit back and enjoy the cash.

In “The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide”, you’ll learn:

  • Learn the ways to purchase or build your own and pitfalls to avoid
  • How to attract sales
  • Learn tips, tricks and proven marketing methods to attracting all the customers you can handle
  • Make insane profits
  • Learn how to run your PBB to maximize profit

The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide covers…

Why start a PB company? – How to get started

Planning – Registration and insurance

How to Launch Fast or Cheap – Buying a Franchise; Buying into a licensing arrangement; Buying a PBB; Building the PB yourself; Buying a complete turn-key PB; Choosing a Supplier; Buying the equipment second hand

How to Build a PB – Dslr or webcam?; Portrait or landscape?; Printer models; Touch screen or push button; Lighting; Software; Social media; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram; Email; Building a structure; Sourcing your Supplies; Photo Strip Graphics

How to Systemize your Workflow – Outsourcing; Accounting; Rostering; Bookings and taking payments; CRM (Customer Relationship Management); Email and Google Apps

Working out what to Charge – How to Make Profit – Ask your competitors; Why most small businesses fail; Who wants to work for free?; The Strategy of Pricing; Make it easy for your customers to choose; Covering both ends of the market

How to Get Customers – Offline Marketing; Friends and Acquaintances; Make friends with Competitors; Charity Events and Free Gigs; Wedding Fairs and Expos; Word of Mouth – Getting and keeping great customers; Targeting Events and Customers; Print Advertising; Designing your ads; Measuring your marketing; Online Marketing; Social Media; Facebook; Twitter, Pinterest and others; Get a Website; Get a logo; Learn to Blog; Pay Per Click (PPC); Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Groupon Type Deals; Email Marketing; How to Measure Marketing Success

How to Sell the Easy Way – Effective sales process; Discounts and Haggling; Great Customer Service Sells; Scarcity Sells – Using the Deadline

How to Run an Event – Reconnaissance; Turn up Early; Running the event; Dealing with drunk people; Issues and equipment failures

Why Start a PBB?

  • Make Incredible Profits
  • Work When You Want to
  • Cheap and Easy to Start
  • Take advantage of a Fast Growing Trend

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The Complete Photo Booth Business Guide