The Complete Golf Swing Video – More Than Just Golf Tips


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See How This Female Golfer can Outdrive Most MEN…

Allowing You to Destroy Your Friends on Golf Course, and Become the Man They Fear … All by Using this “Secret Swing…

Introducing… “The Complete Golf Swing Video – More Than Just Golf Tips”


You’ll learn things like…

+ The Perfect Set-up… so your body is configured to nearly automatically hit the ball exactly where it needs to go (This takes 85% of your need to think right off the table, so you can just relax and win)
+ How to align your stance with the ball so your swing is natural, fluid, and requires barely any focus to hit your target.
+ All Common Mistakes Cleaned Up once and for all… Fixing even one bad habit can completely transform your game so winning is a breeze… (and lots more fun!)
+ How to form a grip with your hands that will protect your arms from tensing up and give you that smooth-as-butter swing that gently guides the ball hundreds of feet to your destination.
+ The secret to injecting golf fundamentals into your muscle-memory so you can cut your practice time down to just a pre-game warm up (or a mid-week session if you want to do more).
+ Left-handed advantages you can use to crush right-handed opponents (And if you’re right-handed, you must read this to know what you’re up against when facing south paws.)
+ Get yourself in an unstoppable *power* mindset every time you grab your club… just by following these 3 steps…
+ How to position your hands so your club hits the right pressure-points (This is an age-old secret to make your club feel like an extension of your arm to give you absolute control.)
+ The only place you should ever cross your fingers on your grip (If you think this is the center, you are ruining your accuracy!)
+ The “Left Thumb Test” that lets you know if your next swing is going to get your ball stuck in the nearest sand trap.
+ Exploding the “Grip like it’s an egg” myth… and exactly how much pressure you should have to give you the maximum level of accuracy AND power.
+ How to stop “invisible pressure”… where your grip is unconsciously too tight and giving away games that should have been easy wins.
+ The 3 Best Grips and how to pick the perfect one for you (One of these is ONLY for women and children and puts any man at an immediate and crushing disadvantage!)
+ Why keeping your feet nailed to the ground is horrendous advice, and what you must do instead to get a relaxed, graceful foundation for your swing.
+ How to add a jungle cat agility to your game that rewards full body movement instead of punishing it.
+ Five “no-time” drills you can use in your living room (even with a broomstick!) that will get you wired for victory on your next game.
+ How to avoid the “Point of No Return” balance mistake that murders 90% of games for amateurs.
+ How wide your feet should really be… (you only know half the story even if you’ve been playing for years.)
+ The two types of “shoulder length” stances, and how mixing them up can mess up a sure win with your friends and coworkers.
+ The exact athletic abilities you need to win every game (This is very different from other sports and you cannot afford to ignore this, whether you’re super-fit or completely out of shape)
+ The exact spot to position your ball to get unbelievable distance in every drive.
+ How to get a blatantly unfair advantage by getting a feel for the course before a game (You can do this in just a few minutes without walking around)
+ The secret to choosing the perfect club for any swing or situation (You’ll be like an expert surgeon choosing a razor-sharp scalpel for your wins)
+ A shockingly effective technique where you can win even with the wrong club by adjusting your ball position (You can win some fun bets this way by intentionally picking the “wrong” club and making a wager)
+ The DANGER ZONE near your left foot that can turn a hole-in-one into a 7-stroke embarrassment.
+ The one biggest mistake a man makes in a game… and how to make sure it never happens to you again.
+ A 2-Second Process you can use to increase your accuracy by 30%… (This will make your friends stunned when they watch you make nearly impossible shots)
+ How to begin your swing with a take-away that lets all your opponents know immediately that they made a big mistake betting against you.
+ How to start off your swing with a take-away that gives you all the power you need without compromising accuracy.
+ A idiot-proof, connect-the-dots formula to smash your clubhead through the ball so powerfully (and accurately) that your friends demand you tell them what you’re doing differently
+ The never-before revealed technique of how to use your wrist to generate maximum club speed (If you’ve been using your shoulders or hips for this you’re in for an amazing improvement of your game.)
+ The exact angle… (down to the degree) to take your backswing so you never lose your iron-clad control of the club.
+ How to predict – almost down to the foot – how far you’ll hit the ball with every club in your arsenal.
+ How to outdrive guys twice your size and humiliate anyone who thinks he can outmuscle you on the course.
+ Why you’re absolutely not done after you hit the ball and need these 5 Follow-Through Guidelines.
+ How to keep rock-solid balance during every step of your swing.
+ Where your club should be pointing right after hitting the ball to nearly guarantee your success.
+ How to double or even triple your swing’s power no matter how flexible or strong you think you are.
+ The amount of strength you really need to be a powerful driver and player (Strength matters… but not how you think!)
+ How to construct an unbelievable pre-shot routine that makes you relaxed… confident… and practically invincible on the green.
+ Psychological techniques to psych yourself up to exude confidence with every step on the grass (This will devastatingly intimidate anyone you play with and give you a scary advantage overnight)
+ Visualization Techniques to train your subconscious to improve your game while you sleep (Yes, you can be getting better at golf 24 hours a day if you do this)
+ How to easily and effortlessly tie this all together so you don’t have to remember anything when you’re on the green and just have fun!


The Complete Golf Swing Video – More Than Just Golf Tips