The Cellulite Factor System Treatment


The Cellulite Factor System Treatment


When it comes to-cellulite, unfortunately, women get the short end of the stick no matter how good of shape you are in. In fact, studies have shown that ninety percent of women-ninety percent or more of women have it and the older they get the more visible the it becomes.

The reason why it is more visible on women than men relates specifically to how their connected fat tissues are arranged. We all have strands of connective fat tissue that separates fat cells in the skin. Well, in women, these fibers will form a network pattern that looks sort of like a honeycomb so that any increase of fat in an area will appear as a bulge.

Most all other cellulite-reduction methods treat the symptom but not the root cause

Liposuction, for instance, just removes fat. It doesn’t significantly alter the flow of blood and water to those areas. Special walking shoes also have no effect on the underlying problem of water retention and blood flow, and tanning beds, well look, tanning beds obviously just change the outside color of your skin which doesn’t affect the honeycomb like bands in the slightest. Even exercising doesn’t address the root problem. It simply reduces the amount of fat between the honeycombs like bands giving you smaller cellulite-dimples. So stop exercising and you better believe it will come right back.

Then the question is: is it really possible to overcome the genetics that women have been handed? Absolutely you can, and it’s actually very simple. See, the key tip is to treat the underlying problem which is the lack of blood flow and the retention of water in the specific areas.

Once this is been addressed, we can let the other methods of cellulite-reduction do their job. Supplemental diet and exercise can then have a very, very dramatic compounding effect which is exactly what we want. But with that said, solely by increasing blood flow and decreasing water retention in these areas, you can see significant changes in the appearance of your skin without adding exercise and diet.

So what can you do right now to start fixing these two problems?

Introducing… The Cellulite Factor System Treatment

Cellulite-Factor-Solution-Bundle-CoverThe stuff in this program isn’t a bunch of nerdy mumbo-jumbo and unrealistic steps that need to be followed. It’s written in a very straightforward, do this, then do that kind of way that anyone can understand and follow. It’s written for the real world and isn’t fluff like other so-called programs.

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