The Bull Riders’ Official Guide: How To Ride Bulls & Win Buckles





The Bull Riders’ Official Guide: How To Ride Bulls & Win Buckles

Proven Championship Secrets Now Available To Bull Riders Who Wish To Become Pro

Are you tired and frustrated of…

  • Not progressing to the level you know deep down you should be exceeding?…
  • Grudgingly trying method after method for a way to develop your skills as a competent & respected bull rider?…
  • Constantly looking for a way or system that’ll bring a stop to the blazingly obvious ‘no-chance throw away’ tactics that ARE NOT WORKING?…
  • Attempting every so called back yard ‘wannabe’ stunt possible, only to end up flat on your backside, kicking’ dirt, & blowing dust?…

Searching for the right clinic, that is normally held months apart, sending you broke on:

– travel fees,
– accommodation
– meals etc, AND of course, the
– hefty tuition fees?…

Unfortunately, most of these clinics are gradually toning down their teaching methods because of the over-strict public liability & litigation laws – AND overworked insurance claims. And frankly, I don’t blame them either…

Think about it…

It’s just gonna be a matter of time before the nearest clinic will be a whopping gigantic 5000 miles away, and only the chosen few lucky enough to get there will have any chance of the pro’ life.

With all this going on, no wonder why most aspiring bill riders don’t ever make it to the arena.

They’re already beat before they even get there.

And when that happens, boy, you’re in serious strife, coz you’ve now messed with the most important bull riding crusher you have, & that is –


Be sure about this one thing…

“You Will Never Ever Make It As A Pro Bull Rider Without Adopting The Right Mindset”

You see, if your mindset is wrong, bucking around all over the place, you’re out of the game – PERIOD! And if you can’t beat yourself, let me tell u my friend, you aint beatin’ no bull – and that’s no sh-t.

And not forgetting the other ‘butt ugly’ setbacks most bull riders are facing today…

Are you suffering from poor, impractical, &/or incorrect technique?…

If so, follow this advice…

“Bad Techniques Need To Be Brought To A Screeching Halt, Before They Continue To Kill Your Untapped Super-Star Bull Riding Potential”

… and continue to form bad habits….

Did you know 95% of most injuries are caused by ignorance, incompetence, or just plain bad judgement? All which are a direct result of improper training, lack of understanding, and poor preparation.

“How Far Could You Possibly Progress, Let Alone Excel, With So Many Limits In Bull Riding Today???”

What’s the solution?

What U Need Is A Proven Fool Proof System That’s Affordable, Practical, That Can Apply Immediately, That Will Fast Track Your Way To The Top!”

Something that you can easily apply at your own pace & refer to again & again, AT YOUR OWN LEISURE, till you get it right…

From the very comfort of your own home, without any travel, hefty fees, or unpaid time off work.

Wouldn’t it be IDEAL to be able to practice in an environment where you are most comfortable, and have the right information readily available at your very fingertips, whenever you need it?…

Where you can develop without any restraints, barriers, or set-backs.

Well, congratulations…

“You’ve Just Stumbled Across The Fastest Possible Way You Can Make It As A Pro Bull Rider. This Has Not Been Done Before”.

Something that will ‘bull-charge’ you ahead of the pack, and get you ‘big name’ proficient – in no time flat!!!

Something that will get you to the top so fast, your head will spin.

Something that’ll have you wranglin’ & tanglin’ with the all elite and popular.

“It’s Time You Claimed Your Fair Share Of The Next ‘Pulse-Pounding’ Event”.

Introducing… The Bull Riders’ Official Guide Smokin’ Personal Coaching Program

This is a complete compilation of 25 years experience as professional bull rider. Everything from preparation to practice to mindset. Designed for one thing & one thing only: winning.

Never again will you need to;

  1. Travel long winded distances to find the next riding school!
  2. Pay ‘through the roof’ clinic fees!
  3. Seek uncomfortable overnight stays and accommodation!
  4. Take time off work, or away from your family!
  5. Be left alone to guesswork your way to success!

The Bull Riders’ Official Guide: How To Ride Bulls & Win Buckles clearly written straightforward e-book combines all the very best features of an all intensive bull riding clinic, covering all you need to know to take your longing passion – ‘world class’.

On its completion, you’ll be equally equipped with everything you’ll ever need to know bring home those sexy, unique, well-earned & deserved, world-class shiny buckles.

If you apply all the fundamentals in this e-book as described, you will have wisely saved yourself unnecessary knuckle-grindin’ heartache & sweat.

Without the information you’ll learn in this 108 page ebook, your gonna have to get back to the same old nail bitin’ boot stompin’ bucket kickin’ methods you’ve been struggling with all along!

Whether you’ve been riding for 20 years or never been on a bull before in your life, here you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to make professional bull riding a reality for you, much sooner than you think.

This really is as good as it gets.

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The Bull Riders’ Official Guide: How To Ride Bulls & Win Buckles