The Book on Forex Trading


The Book on Forex Trading



This step-by-step guide contains EVERYTHING you need to know to be a profitable Forex-trader! Also included are money-making, custom programmed indicators and templates to make-trading the systems a breeze.

This is a rock-solid Forex-trading system that really works, month after month, in all market conditions, but you’re not JUST going to be taught a single-trading system! The “The Book On Forex Trading” is not one of the thin, 10 page “eBooks” you’re used to reading.

It’s a full-color, illustrated 177 page trading-blueprint that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a professional Forex-trader RIGHT NOW!

  • In this 177 page how-to-book, where you will learn everything you need to know to be a profitable trader.
  • The SM Squeeze Indicator, used in the Fractal Squeeze Strategy trading-system, which make-trading a snap!
  • The Key Levels Indicator, also used in the system, which will help you predict how far the markets are going to move on any given day.
  • The Asian Session Indicator, which allows to take breakout trades after the slow Asian session is over.
  • East-to-follow Video Tutorials to help you install and learn use the Indicators.
  • Hundred of pips per month!
  • Everything you need in one package, right here!
  • The proven and safe money management system that keeps you in profit.
  • A system at works on any currency pair. This isn’t a silly system that only works on one or two pairs.
  • Strategies that work in all market conditions.
  • Full control! You don’t have to worry about some automated trading-robot going haywire and losing all your money.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to turn the tables on the banks, brokers and institutional traders by doing precisely what 99% of retail traders like you are NOT doing. You’ll discover what they have been hiding.
  • When to trade and when not to trade.
  • How the market works for beginners.
  • How to choose the right broker and why this is important.
  • Why money management is crucial in Forex trading.
  • How to read Forex-charts in an easy to understand manner.
  • The little known Forex-trading strategies that produce consistent profits.
  • How to think like a professional trader. This is a much underrated subject and another reason why traders fail.
  • When to exit a trade – something most gurus conveniently forget to mention!
  • and much, much, more.

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The Book on Forex Trading