The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business


The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business


The Hot dog industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Last year American hot dog vendors collectively earned more revenues than most countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Hot dogs are in huge demand, with over 18 billion hot dogs sold every year in the US alone. This offers real job security. No doubt it is rightly called “recession free” business.


Introducing… The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business


It will show you the secrets to succeeding in the hot dog industry. It is the only book in the market which combines the real-world experiences of top vendors from Seattle, New York and Chicago. These vendors are street fighters who learned how to beat the competition. Knowledge helps you win battles and knowledge makes you rich. What is the difference between making $100 a day and averaging $500 a day? The secret is knowledge. It is not experience, but knowledge that helps you succeed.

The guide is available in Print and eBook formats!

You will get:

A to Z information about gaining the maximum from this opportunity.


  • You can discover the complete and detailed related information today.
  • Get to know everything regarding starting up the venture
  • Learn of how to ensure that it runs smoothly
  • Make Money from all that you learn!!
  • What Kind of Information you Can get From
  • Learn the Trade Secret!

The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business provides information in straight-forward manner with links, resources and pictures. It covers everything including:

Chapter 1- Introduction

Chapter 2- The Seven Steps Process

Chapter 3- Deciding on a Menu

Chapter 4- Naming and Registering

Chapter 5- Obtaining Necessary License and Permit

Chapter 6- Food Safety

Chapter 7- Shopping for Equipment and Tools

Chapter 8- Shopping for Supplies

Chapter 9- Financing

Chapter 10- The Three L’s Location, Location and Location

Chapter 11- Marketing and Advertising

Chapter 12- Festivals and Events

Chapter 13- How to Get Free Training?

Chapter 14- Exit Strategy

Chapter 15- Concluding Thoughts

Appendix 1- Sample Monthly Statement

Appendix 2- Sample Daily Sales and Expenses

Appendix 3- Sample Proposal

In addition to all this, this guide will also help you to learn about other aspects related to Hot Dog vending Business such as the following:

  • Sample Plan
  • Mind-blowing Secret Recipe known as “pheromones dog”. They will come to you like bees come for nectar.
  • Sample Proposal to win best locations

Learn From Experts!

The guide contains 138 pages of pure tribal knowledge jam-packed with information designed to help both the newbie and the experienced vendors. It is designed to give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Unfair may not be the politically correct word but that is what your competitor will say when you kick some serious asses within a very short time.

You must have a strategic plan of attack whether you are in the battle field or on the street. You must be a street fighter who takes his game to the next level.

Most people have the misguided perception that food vendors don’t have the intelligence to think outside the box, but it is not IQ or intelligence that gives you a strategic advantage. Information, knowledge and the ability to take action gives you an edge over your competition. Failure is not an option. Anyone can be highly successful as long as they possess the right information at the right time. And this ebook will provide you the right information, right when you need it.

Freedom is a natural right of every man and woman who lives on this planet. It is unfortunate that most of us spend one third of our lives slaving in dead-end jobs. Have you ever seen the joy on the face of someone who does not have to answer to a terrible boss or deal with sneaky co-workers?

Save Time and Money

There are several guides and courses available in the market. Some of the books are too short (20 – 25 pages) written to make a fool of others, and then there are those who offer courses on multiple CDs and guides. Who has time to read or listen to 5 CDs full of useless information? In this day and age everyone needs just the right information that is up-to-date and helpful. This ebook is just the right length, providing you with the all the information you need without wasting your precious time.

The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business offers Bonus Information:

  • How to Sign up the Mega Money Making Events
  • How Can You Cut The Associated Overhead Costs
  • How To Attract The Best Employees
  • How To Get Free Training From a Vendor
  • How To Get Into a Festival That Was Locked-in By Another Vendor
  • How to Buy the Cart
  • How To Find Used Carts
  • How To Cook Famous Chicago, New York, Seattle and Texas Style
  • Monthly Expense Tacking, Inventory Tracking, Inventory Re-ordering and Several Other Useful Sheet

What is Pheromones Dogs and Food Trail Pheromones?

You have heard about Sex Pheromones. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. According to Wikipedia, Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. These chemical messengers are transported outside of the body and result in a direct developmental effect on hormone levels or behavioral change. The following recipe acts as a powerful stimulator – food trail pheromones.

Location, location, location. This guide offers insider knowledge about choosing the best location for your hot dog stand, as this could be one of the most critical success factors in the business. Learn the secrets to finding and picking the most favorable locations, including:

• Locations near parks
• Locations near offices, schools, and colleges
• Locations close to industries
• Busy operational areas such as downtown areas
• Fairs and festivals In addition to location, I will also share:


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The Black Book Of Hotdog Stand / Cart Business