The Basic Property Management Ebook: Real Estate Business Lessons


The Basic Property Management Ebook: Real Estate Business Lessons


The better your property management the more money your real-estate will make . . .

Keep Your Property 100% Occupied with Qualified Tenants, Maximize Your Cash Flow and Minimize Your Expenses.

LEASE your real-estate fast, find the perfect TENANT MIX, discover if LONG DISTANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will work for you, understand the difference between SINGLE AND MULTI-TENANT property, learn how to EVALUATE your investment thanks to the secrets revealed in The Basic Property Management Ebook: Real Estate Business Lessons.


Learning to buy, sell, lease and property manage income real-estate is not easy. Finding real-estate deals that make sense is getting tougher and tougher, expenses keep going up while rents keep going down, and dealing with tenants can often be a pain in the you-know-what!

Once you learn how to manage your property, you’ll be shocked at the profits that you can make.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Did You Buy Your Investment Property?
Chapter 2: Tracking Income & Expenses
Chapter 3: How to Find & Keep Good Vendors
Chapter 4: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Chapter 5: Closing the Deal
Chapter 6: Lease Documents
Summary: Property Management in the Real World
Resources: A List of Resources by Category

What you will learn comes from actual world situations. You’ll get plenty of examples, tools and case studies to help you manage real-estate-property and get successful, proven results.

Jeffrey Roark currently owns and operates a private investment brokerage in the U.S. that provides sales, leasing, management, and property-management training services to its clients. Those clients range from single-property investors to owners of large commercial portfolios.

Jeffrey began his real-estate career over 25 years ago in the Midwest by investing primarily in his own investment portfolio. Over the past 15 years he has personally brokered tens of millions of dollars worth of real-estate sales and lease transactions for his clients in retail, office, industrial, single-family and multi-family residential income properties, and in raw and subdivided land.

He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member. The CCIM designation is held by only 15,000 commercial and investment real-estate professionals worldwide and is the highest professional certification one can earn in commercial investment real-estate.

Jeffrey’s training advice to his clients is straightforward and based on the realities of the marketplace.

The guide provides the same candid training advice. It is not academic, it is not classroom, it is not theory. It is based on actual, real-life experience.

Jeffrey Roark’s clients pay him a lot of money for the training information you’re about to receive.

Most guides provide only theory & class room techniques or are simply a sales tool to try and sell services to unsophisticated owners.

By contrast, this guide is based on his 25 years of experience, teaching real-estate agents, managing brokerage operations, working with private investors, lenders, tenants, landlords and vendors, and developing extremely effective marketing programs for the sale, leasing, and management of residential & commercial properties, single-tenant, multi-tenant, office, retail and industrial properties.

Learn How to Buy, Sell, Lease & Manage Investment Real Estate

You can put the training, ideas, tools & techniques covered in the guide to work right away . . . and you can use them for both commercial and residential real-estate investments.

You’ll be taken step-by-step from the beginning of the investment cycle, learn how to develop an easy system, discover how to develop proven free & low-cost marketing programs to find quality tenants, how to write a lease that both you and your lender will be happy with, how to manage your property to maximize occupancy and minimize tenant problems & turnover, and understand how to intelligently add to your real-estate investment portfolio as opportunities present themselves!

This is not some training guide filled with theory & hypothetical ideas from the class-room.

Instead, what you will find revealed are real-life useful training ideas, case studies, tools & techniques to be used by real property investors like yourself! Whether you’re a beginning investor or a professional investor, a real-estate broker, landlord, tenant, property-manager or work in any real-estate related field, you’ll find this guide one of the most profitable investments you’ll make!

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