The Bad Breath Report: Natural Treatment Cure Solution & Remedies


The Bad Breath Report: Natural Treatment Cure Solution & Remedies


Miracle bad breath cure discovered by top US government scientists eliminates halitosis in just 3 days

You can make the same ‘secret formula’ at home with stuff you can get at your local Walmart for less than $2… and finally get rid of bad breath once and for all—even if everything else you’ve tried has failed!

  • U.S. government scientists discovered virtually ALL cases of bad breath are caused by one simple problem that can be easily cured—with a 96% success rate.
  • Research published in scientific journals but ignored and forgotten by the dental establishment for over 40 years.
  • You can make the same ‘secret formula’ at home for just $2, with stuff you can get at your local supermarket.

Introducing… The Bad Breath Report: Natural Treatment Cure Solution & Remedies


It’s a quick read, so it shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so to get through. That’s because it doesn’t have much theory in it; just the results of what has been reported and proven to work, all combined into an easy-to-use, almost “paint-by-numbers” system that you can use to experience (perhaps for the first time ever)…

– fresh smelling breath,
– strong healthy teeth, and
– a sparkling white smile…

“The Bad Breath Report: Natural Treatment Cure Solution & Remedies” is short, but it covers EVERYTHING you need to know to eliminate bad breath. Here’s just some of what you can learn from it…

  • The single cause of virtually ALL cases of bad breath, and what you can do to control it, no matter how serious your problem, or how long you’ve had it. You need never be self-conscious, or embarrassed, about your breath again. (See page 6)
  • 5 simple things you can do today that can rid you of bad breath, even before you try the treatment! At the very least, this will slash your problem in half! (See pages 8-13)
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth is good for you, but it will NOT improve your bad breath… find out why.
  • How to get rid of the ugly white coating on your tongue… without scraping! (Also find out why scraping your tongue will NOT get rid of the white coating… even if you scrape until it bleeds!) (See page 18)
  • A scientifically-proven way to eliminate mouth ulcers and canker sores for good… even if you have been plagued by them since childhood!
  • Why you should NEVER use commercially available toothpaste! Recent scientific studies prove that most of them contain harsh chemicals that cause huge damage inside your mouth. (See pages 25-26)
  • A commonly used (and expensive) bad breath treatment that is recommended by so-called “experts” that, not only makes your bad breath more serious than before, but also screws up your overall health too! (See page 14)
  • The one critical secret to wiping out your bad breath forever… that nobody else tells you about. (See page 28)

By the way, the same technique described in the report for treating bad breath is also…

An easy way to naturally whiten your teeth without using expensive commercial products containing harsh chemicals

Discover what government scientists from Russia and Australia also know about bad breath…

Some people don’t like using the technique described above. While some see it as just “too different” and aren’t even willing to try it, others do try it, but are put off for other reasons, like the taste. (While it isn’t unpleasant, don’t expect the same nice minty-taste of regular toothpaste!)

However, for those people, all is not lost. Thanks to…

  • The re-discovery by Russian scientists of an ancient Indian remedy for bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease all rolled into one: This super-easy, almost-free method was re-discovered by Soviet scientists just before the collapse of the USSR, but today—25 years later—it still remains virtually unknown outside Russia and other ex-Soviet countries. You’ll get full step-by-step instructions to try it out for yourself. It does take some getting used to, but represents a viable (and potentially easier) alternative for those unable to use the bad breath treatment methods described above. (See pages 33-36)
  • A little innocent-looking tree recognized by the Australian dental profession as an extremely potent remedy for oral health problems, including bad breath: Long-known to the Australian Aborigines, the medical importance of this tree was later recognized by European settlers too. In 1930, Australian dentists recognized its value in treating dental problems. It also has many additional medical uses too; in fact, the Australian government deemed it so important that, during Word War 2, it actually exempted those that harvested and processed it from military service in order to maintain levels of production. You can use processed oil from that tree (which is now readily available in any health store) to conquer your bad breath problem. While it is more expensive than the technique described above (though still a fraction of what it costs to go to the dentist!), it is a super-effective halitosis solution. (See pages 29-30)

Although everything you need to eliminate bad breath fits into the first 40-or-so pages of the report, the entire thing is actually over 70-pages long. That’s because I’ve also included lots of additional related information too. Although not essential for eliminating bad breath, it was just too interesting to leave out! Therefore, in addition to getting rid of halitosis, you’ll also learn stuff like…

The REAL cause of all cavities, gum-disease, & dental decay (Hint: It’s NOT sugar!)

Do NOT believe anyone who tells you your teeth will decay and rot as you age!

Do NOT believe anyone who says you’ll eventually need dentures!

Neither are true. You do NOT have to lose your teeth as you age. In fact, once you understand the true cause of cavities, gum-disease, and dental decay…

You could live to be 110… yet still keep ALL your teeth & have a perfect white smile

That may sound unbelievable but, once you understand the real cause of these common problems and how they are all inter-connected, you’ll think otherwise.

Here are just a few of the other secrets you’ll learn in this section of the report…

  • How to use the same treatment mentioned above to stop (and even reverse) gum disease and tooth decay… for just pennies a day. When you think about how much money you’ll save in dental bills, this ONE secret alone is worth many times the price of this report.
  • Why you can brush and floss religiously, and avoid sweet foods… but still get tooth decay anyway. (Don’t worry, when you find out how you CAN protect your teeth… that is actually much easier!)
  • Why you do NOT have to give up your favorite foods to keep your teeth healthy… if you follow this simple procedure.
  • You’ll also discover a ‘secret’ almost nobody knows about (except a few, elite, real health experts) that shows you…
  • How your body’s own natural self-healing ability can make dental cavities refill themselves:

Sounds impossible? It’s not; you’ll see for yourself that it really can be done… and it’s an amazingly-simple process. You might NEVER need to go to the dentist to have your teeth filled again. (See pages 42-44)

You’ll also read about a…

Breakthrough invention that uses LIGHT to clean your teeth & nothing else—not even water!

This amazing “toothbrush” works on an ingenious photochemical principle and it has been scientifically proven to work as claimed (in rigorous and extensive clinical trials in both Japan and Canada). This new scientific breakthrough is…

  • Proven to be perfectly safe, and has NO risk of electric shock.
  • Cleans your teeth better and more thoroughly than anything else you can do… and produces a very long-lasting and unusually clean feeling in your mouth. (Don’t you just love the fresh feeling when your mouth and teeth are sparkling clean?)
  • Requires NO toothpaste.
  • The main body NEVER wears out and NEVER needs replacement! Only the “brush head” needs replacement every 6 months… and they are dirt-cheap! (They cost the same as your regular toothbrush, which needs to be replaced every 3-6 months anyway.)

Light has been used in other ways too. For example, you’ll also find out…

How tooth decay was eliminated 4 decades ago… using light bulbs:

Special light-bulbs were installed in classrooms, in Florida, over 30 years ago, in an experiment designed to reduce hyperactivity and absenteeism in a number of learning-disabled children. The results were very impressive: the children calmed down completely and learned to read; absenteeism dropped substantially. However, an additional side-effect caught the experimenters by surprise: it also eliminated tooth-decay! Find out how and why! These bulbs are now a fraction of the cost they were back then. (See page 44)

And, for those emergency situations, you’ll also discover…

How to immediately stop painful toothaches… with an ice cube!

No, you do NOT put it on the tooth… in fact, you don’t put it anywhere near your mouth at all! Just use an regular ice-cube to ‘massage’ this point on the body (which is NOWHERE near the mouth!). This has been scientifically proven (in double-blind clinical studies) to dramatically melt away the pain of a toothache! (See page 46)

And, if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find out…

How a new genetic engineering breakthrough will soon re-grow real teeth to replace lost ones:

If you know anyone who has missing teeth (perhaps due to decay or an accident), show them this. It’s about a new genetic engineering process that will soon allow anyone to re-grow real, natural teeth in place of their missing teeth! Includes a special update added after this section was first written… widespread public use of this amazing technology may now be imminent. (See pages 47-50)

You’ll also discover…

A 4,000-year-old beverage that halts gum disease in 5 minutes:

The Chinese have used the leaves of a common shrub for over 4,000 years to make a tea to beat all kinds of diseases, and to prevent heart disease and cancer. Now, recently published scientific studies show it also completely inhibited the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease after only 5 minutes! And you can buy it in any supermarket for pennies! (See page 51)

You’ll also read about…

An amazingly-simple device that reverses the most severe cases of gum-disease in just a few days:

This device is almost too good to be true: Using basic scientific principles, it will reverse even the most severe cases of gum-disease, often within a few days… using nothing more than water from a faucet!

And the…

Revolutionary new technology that completely reverses tooth decay with NO pain, injections, or drilling:

Okay, it’s not completely new… this technology as been used in exclusive European clinics for a number of years now: A laser detects cavities, a quick squirt of gas cleans out the infection, and a smart filling patches the tooth until it can heal itself. This isn’t sci-fi, but a reality right now… today! (See page 53)

And an…

Incredible electronic device that kills 99.8% of tooth decay… in just 4 minutes:

Read about a small electronic device that represents an amazing breakthrough in infection control: a safe, non-contact, electronic method of combating surface and near-surface infections with no harmful side-effects. Laboratory tests and clinical trials have shown it will kill 99.8% of the micro-organisms that help cause tooth decay. (See pages 56-60)

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The Bad Breath Report: Natural Treatment Cure Solution & Remedies