The Art of Stage Hypnosis – Stage Hypnosis Training


The Art of Stage Hypnosis – Stage Hypnosis Training


There is no REAL secret to Stage Hypnosis…

Stage hypnosis is actually very simple.

Basically, it can be broken down into very straightforward steps…

As long as you know what to say, how to say it, what to do, and how to do it, with the knowledge of why and how it works, then you can make it happen.

Like driving a car, Stage Hypnosis is VERY learnable. Anyone can do it. It just takes the right knowledge followed by the right actions.

Other stage hypnotists simply don’t want you to know how to do it. They don’t want the competition. There aren’t many decent hypnotists left working the local scenes, and these people want to keep their positions.

As for the big guys, the so-called industry leaders, guru’s and high level trainers, well, go to them if you will – but expect to pay a fortune for it, and never expect to get it all in one go, there’s always a masterclass or higher level upsell.

Stage hypnosis is simple. Many would have you believe it’s difficult and that you MUST attend their 7 day training (etc.) to learn, but don’t believe the hype.



Here’s just some of what you’re about to learn in The Art of Stage Hypnosis:

+ Precisely how to hypnotize volunteers in any situation, and how you can hypnotize between 1-20 people, on stage, in less than 7 minutes total!
+ How to hypnotize people in less than 7 minutes. Forget long, drawn out hypnotic inductions, this is stage hypnosis – not hypnotherapy.
+ Instant RAPID inductions. Learn how to hypnotize people in a matter of seconds, even as an absolute beginner.
+ Word for word scripts to get you started. If you follow these precise scripts, word for word, you’re practically guaranteed success.
+ How stage hypnosis works. Learn the foundations of stage hypnosis, how it works, why it works, the various methods used to put people in trance, and all the foundational information you need to know.
+ Suggestibility tests. Discover how to lock your volunteers hands together, as well as a host of other tests to find out who can be hypnotized, and who the stars of your show will be.
+ Advanced inductions. All the extra tricks, ways and means of perfecting your skills once you’ve learned how to hypnotize people.
+ How to put on a show. You’ll learn how to structure a stage show, the set up, organization, and everything that goes with it.
+ Stage hypnosis show routines. Plus, instructions on how to perform, how to add comedy, how to deliver, how to add music, and much more.
+ The rules and regulations. Cutting the red tape. The do’s and don’ts of stage hypnosis. A guide to staying above board.
+ The business side of stage hypnosis. You’ll be learning how to take your shows into small audiences, and then how to move right up through the ranks, ultimately leading to the corporate level where the BIG bucks are.
+ And much, much, MUCH more.

PLUS the entire Program in audio Format!


Now you can listen to the entire program (over 4 hours) without having to read a single word on screen.

You can listen to the program on your portable mp3 player, mobile phone, laptop, computer or any device capable of playing audio – And that’s called convenience!

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