The Art of Leverage: How to Start or Expand Your Business


The Art of Leverage: How to Start or Expand Your Business


If the idea of being able to open any biz you want – or to enlarge your current biz – regardless of how much money you have, your educational background, skills or the amount of equipment you own, is something that appeals to you, then you will like this…

Unfortunately, most people believe they need a lot of money, tertiary qualifications and skills and/or to buy expensive equipment to do that.

Not true.

Some of the richest men and women in the world are high-school drop-outs who came from poor families and began with nothing more than an idea – you have probably heard of such people and may even be able to name some of them.

The truth is:

You Do Not Have To Have A Lot Of Money, A Certain Level Of Education, Or To Invest In Loads Of Expensive Equipment To Do It.

What you do need, however, is information on how it can be done – with nothing more than a few bucks – and – using other people’s resources).

Introducing… The Art of Leverage: How to Start or Expand Your Business

In it, you discover the two elements that ALL biz have – but – hardly anyone knows about. Knowing WHAT these two elements are – and understanding them is the key regardless of your funding or skills.

But just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. – You might head down unprofitable paths.

Here are some of the other things you will discover in The Art of Leverage: How to Start or Expand Your Business:

* The 4 different types of information all “info products” contain (and why you most likely are only aware of the one type).
* How to get more out of all the information you invest in (whether text, audio or video).
* 4 techniques to spot a proven market for your products.
* What the most valuable kinds of leveraging are, why they are so valuable, and how you can use them for free.
* Several examples of how common existing entities can improve themselves through its use.
* A true story of how a man created a powerful embroidered badge biz – with no embroidery machine, not enough money to buy any machinery, and not the first clue how to make these badges. He succeeded by just using this technique.
* How you can use it to make a profit by teaching others – even if you don’t have the necessary knowledge yourself.
* 6 simple steps to apply so you can begin using it straight away.
* 14 ideas on how to use it, to begin thinking along the right path, in simple areas you may not even have thought using it was possible.
* 26 online resources which help you see how it works, and which can help you apply the principles.
* 8 real-life example of real-people using it.
* How you can break up every biz into two basic – and essential – elements. One element is fundamental, the other element will be your potential source for it.
* A useful project check-list which you can use for your own projects.
* A must have Project Action Diary that can enable you to get your projects done faster and with less effort.

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The Art of Leverage: How to Start or Expand Your Business