The Antibiotic Epidemic – Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Cure


The Antibiotic Epidemic – Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Cure


Bacteria In Your Body Is No Longer Responding To Doctor Prescribed Antibiotics…

Fix It NOW with Natural Alternatives to Drug Resistant Bacteria

You can become infected from antibiotic-resistant bacteria anytime, anywhere…here’s how to destroy the superbugs that have doctors totally baffled.


Death by Prescription Pad!

prescription_pad_mediumWhen they were first introduced, antibiotics saved tens of millions of people. But now, they’re everywhere and used for everything…

Doctors have over-prescribed them and it’s costing us in money and in lives. They give you antibiotics for everything, including things that they don’t even work on – like the flu and colds.

And if you’re like most people, you’ve even stockpiled them in the event you get sick.

So a lot of times you end up taking the WRONG antibiotic for the WRONG disease.

And if you think it’s better in a hospital, you’re dead wrong! Reports of superbugs are on the very medical equipment used to diagnose!

As a result, the rate of infection in hospitals is skyrocketing. Worst of all, hospitals DON’T have a legal obligation to tell patients about the presence of pathogens, even antibiotic resistant bacteria.

So how bad is threat?

The World Health Organization called drug-resistant antibiotics the ‘one of the worst threats to humans in history.’

Common infections and minor injuries can now kill.

Women are dying from common urinary tract infections caused by drug-resistant E coli bacteria!

Children are dying or losing limbs from minor cuts and scrapes infected with flesh-eating bacteria found in school gyms and playgrounds! Could a scraped knee land your kid in the ICU? YES!

Pneumonia has gone from being classified as mildly drug resistant to EXTREMELY drug resistant!

A “Nightmare bacteria” has developed that can transfer its antibiotic resistance to other bacteria and it’s running rampant!

And why we’re all at risk from deadly infections – like C diff – once thought to only prey on the old and sickly in hospital settings! Now anyone is fair game for this SUPERBUG!

Every time you take an antibiotic, some bacteria are left alive.

The bacteria then multiplies and grows STRONGER. SO the next time you need an antibiotic – IT WON’T WORK AS WELL!

Maybe you’re thinking you should avoid antibiotics like the plague, take them only when it’s absolutely necessary. . .

But you’re STILL AT RISK. Because everyone else is making up for you… to the tune of 250 million courses of antibiotics every year!

Big Pharma’s ‘Secret’ Ingredient Is Poisoning Your Food – And Even Making You Fat!



In the late 1940s a biochemist fed an antibiotics called aureomycin to his chickens feed…and an amazing thing happened!

The chickens grew TWICE the size of ordinary chickens, an average weight gain of 6.5 pounds per year!

Fatter chickens mean more meat – and lots more money. Today, a whopping 80% of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in farm animals!

Which means without a prescription or a doctor visit, you’re taking antibiotics whether you need them or not! They’re right there on your dinner plate!

Mother Earth to the rescue!

The earth is abundantly rich in natural antibiotic sources. And that he knows of many plant-based antimicrobials that were scientifically tested and can stop this growing menace.

But why isn’t the medical community shouting these cures from the rooftops?

Their hands are tied. It all has to do with the way health care is handled in this country. Big Pharma rules. They want to come up with new drugs because it makes them more money.

Come up with an inexpensive natural solution, and they’ll come at you with both barrels blazing, discredit your theories, and your reputation. You become an outcast from your own profession.

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+ And many more!

You are facing an uncertain future when it comes to antibiotics. It will be important for you to understand how to slow antibiotic resistant in yourself and your family to keep the problem from getting worse.

History has shown that nature provides remedies with antibiotic properties, and science shows that our bodies are miraculous machines capable of fighting a great deal of disease.

Considering that antibiotics have only been around for roughly seven decades, and men have walked the earth for much, much longer, Mother Nature has obviously done a very good job of helping us fight off illness.