The ABC’s of Ecommerce and Dropshipping Success


The ABC’s of Ecommerce and Dropshipping Success


In this ever evolving technological world, it seems that everything is done online. You talk with your friends online, watch your favorite TV shows online, listen to music online, play online, read the news online, date online, etc. Almost everything is done online. And commerce and shopping is no exception. Each year, more and more people choose to buy online in the detriment of the regular retail shops. According to eMarketer, in 2012, the global ecommerce market was estimated to be worth $1 trillion, with a 21.1% increase from the previous year. Encouraged by such strong trends, it is no surprise that it is one of the fastest growing sector of the global economy.





Here Are Just Some of The Things You Will Learn From This Ebook:

Chapter 1: Ecommerce and dropshipping basics

In chapter one we will show you the basic concept. There you will learn the basic theory and will see how the business model works.

Chapter 2: Creating your online store

In chapter two you will learn how to create an online store on your own website and on an online marketplace. There we will show you a list with some of the most popular online marketplaces to sell your products, and a list with some of the best shopping cart software to install on your online store.

Chapter 3: Getting traffic to your online store

Chapter three is all about traffic. There we will show you how to get traffic to your online store, both the free way and the paid way. In that chapter we will analyze some of the best free traffic sources for an online store.

Chapter 4: Search engine optimization for your online store

In chapter four we will talk about search engine optimization. In that chapter we will analyze the on-page and off-page SEO ranking factors and will show you some good backlink sources for an online store. Lots of links to external resources will be presented in that chapter.

Chapter 5: Customer service and satisfaction level

Chapter five is dedicated to customer support, where you can read useful information about what needs to be done and how to treat your customers in order to have a high satisfaction level among your buyers.

Chapter 6: Tips and advices to increase the conversion rate of your online store and to get more sales

In the sixth chapter we will show you some tips and advices on how to increase your sales and the conversion rate of your online store.

Chapter 7 and 8: Practical example – Selling on an online marketplace and on your own website using the dropshipping business model

And in the last two chapters, chapter seven and eight, we will show you two practical examples of how to create and run an online store on your own website and on an online marketplace, using the business model.

We think that this is all the basic information you need in order to create and run a successful online store and business. We know that ecommerce, just like anything else, is constantly changing, this is why we have included many links to external resources in every chapter of this ebook, so you could learn even more and keep yourself updated with the latest news and changes from the world.

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