Text Your Ex Back Message Plan


How To Really Get Your Ex Back With Texting!

“Text Your Ex Back Message Plan” is a guide that gives step by step instructions and text message examples on how to get your Ex back with texting.

It walks you through the stages of the breakup and teaches you the steps required to engage your Ex again so that you can fall in love all over again.


Texting is an excellent method to repair and rebuild a relationship since it allows for clearly thought out communications that can be targeted to achieving a behavioral goal. It eliminates the possibility of over emotional statements that may forever ruin a relationship.

Using our example messages, you can safely tailor them to your situation and not have to worry about accidentally saying the wrong thing.


Text Your Ex Back Message Plan


Here are the topics/chapters that we cover in our guide

– Introduction: Overview of the eBook

– First Steps:

– Relationship Examination: Clearly identify what needs to be changed for a relationship with your Ex to work
– Closure: How to get closure of your past relationship with bad feelings and lay the ground work to move forward.
– Take A Break: What to do when taking a short break to allow both sides to heal.

– Starting New:

– Opening The Door: How to re-engage your Ex
– Get Out There: Advice to get you to a good place emotionally.

– Building Momentum:

– Safe Texting: Simple, safe text messages you can use to start communicating with your Ex again.
– Get Closer Texts: Messages to help re-build a bond with your Ex.
– Sealing The Deal:
– Get Together Texts: Messages to use to get your Ex to meet with you.
– Your First Get Together: How and where to have your first post break get together with your Ex.
– Fall In Love Again: Advise to move forward from here.

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Text Your Ex Back Message Plan