Tennis Strength, Conditioning And Mobility Program


Tennis Strength, Conditioning And Mobility Program


Inside Tennis Strength, Conditioning And Mobility Program you’ll get:

Component #1: Program Manual

This Manual is the foundation for the program where we lay the groundwork for your success through the entire 3 Phase Program that includes corrective, strength and, power phase training periods along with critical “deload” weeks to help you recover, prevent injuries, and develop a stable athletic base that will help you perform optimally on the court.

Component #2: Video Exercise Library

You’re going to get a comprehensive online video database of every exercise in the program. Each exercise is carefully broken down and explained so that you can feel confident you have the best form possible. You get videos on mobility/activation/myofascial release drills as well corrective, strength, and power exercises. Not only do you get clear explanations, you’ll also get short video clips with no audio demonstrating each exercise properly. You get two powerful video learning options, and you’ll never have to worry about how to execute a movement correctly again.

Again every exercise and drill in the system is included in this powerful reference video library.

Component #3: Exercise Description Guides

These Exercise Description Guides will show you how to perform each exercise using images and clearly written explanations. You get 4 separate guides breaking down Mobility/Activation Drills and Myofascial Release Exercises, along with all the drills and exercises from each phase in the program: Corrective, Strength, and Power. You can easily take these guides with you to the court, the gym, or wherever you are training so that you can look at the step-by-step images and instructions on how to perform each drill and exercise.

Component #4: Training Templates

These Training Templates are valuable tools that will hep you follow this step-by-step program easily and effortlessly. In each template which includes the daily Mobility/Activation/Soft Tissue Quality Warm up and the week by week workouts by phases, you’ll see exactly how each training session is broken down. You get the exact sets and reps you will perform in each workout as well as well the exact supersets to use in your sessions. You can print them out and take them along with the exercise description guides to wherever you are training.

Bonus #1: Self Myofascial Release Strategies

One of the most ignored aspects of your training is focusing on your soft tissue quality. Most players build up a lot of adhesions and scar tissue from the repetitive movements of tennis. If your soft tissue quality is poor, you will be more prone to unnecessary and painful injuries. The soft tissue myofascial release strategy videos will show you how to use a foam roller and lacrosse to soften up your tissue and help you feel loose, limber, and free on the court. Perform this routine often and you will reduce injuries, accelerate your recovery, and maximize performance.

Bonus #2: Clinical Examples

You’re going to learn about all the cutting edge strategies Dr. Josh uses in his clinic including how he can help you upgrade your nervous system for better tennis results, how to activate muscles that aren’t working properly, and how to apply very advanced soft tissue techniques to help players get out of pain and thrive on the court. Dr. Josh uses some of the most advanced strategies known today to help you feel better on and off the court. It took Dr. Josh years to find these special techniques, and even longer to master them and you get to see all that he has to offer. His healing protocols are game changers in the injury prevention and tennis performance world.

Bonus #3: Renkens Center Gym Tour

You’re also going to get a full tour of Dr Josh’s clinic and gym showing you all the best equipment that can help you improve. You get to see where Dr. Josh personally works with injured clients as well as where he gets his athletes to train in the most efficient way possible. Dr. Josh will show you the best weights, equipment, and machines to utilize in your training. There is a lot of misinformation out there and most players don’t use the right equipment when they go to the gym. Having a clear picture of how to train in the gym can ease your mind and give your the confidence you need with your training.

Bonus #4: Dr. Josh and Dave Interview

It’s very rare to get two exceptional trainers together for this kind of interview and these experts left no stone unturned in this powerful interview. You’re going to enjoy learning from Dr. Josh and Dave and take a lot of great tips away that will really help you.

Bonus #5: Bonus Videos

In this program your also going to get an entire bonus module that includes some very valuable information. You’re a going to get bonus videos on how fix your back pain and how to fix tennis elbow. Dr. Josh is going to help you understand what causes back and elbow pain and better yet, how to solve these issues. His goal is to help you feel empowered to fix your pain with the help of an advanced practitioner like Dr. Josh. Plus, you’re also going to get a special video on 5 tennis prep movements to add to your training toolbox.

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Tennis Strength, Conditioning And Mobility Program