Tennis Power Serve Sharpshooter Success System


Tennis Power Serve Sharpshooter Success System


If your serve has ever let you down, or you just can’t get enough power behind it or land the ball where you want it to then you are going to be thrilled with what you are about to discover.

The Sharpshooter is a system that improves your serves to the ad court and deuce court. It’s easy to set up, fast and fun to learn and most importantly designed to make you serve under conditions similar to match play i.e. it matters if you miss. You get a performance assessment and improvement system so you track your progress, work on your weaknesses and develop your “go to” serve whether that’s your serve to their forehand, backhand or a body serve.

Here’s sneak peek at what it looks like inside!

What You Get:

  • Full access to a exclusive membership website with all the video instruction, drills and exercises needed to master the Tennis Sharp Shooter program
  • Warm Up and Stretching Videos
  • Videos for all 3 levels of the Sharpshooter
  • Foundation – anyone of any age can achieve this level.
  • Intermediate – once you hit the correct score move to the level to improve your accuracy and consistency.
  • Advanced – once you pass intermediate level this is where you play to become a serving machine – fast accurate and consistent – at this level you will be able to ‘place the ball on a dime’ at will!
  • Court set up handouts, score sheets and sample sheet for all three levels.
  • Bonus Videos; Skipping Fit and Reaction Drills
  • Direct Support
  • Membership of a forum where you can ask questions and get involved with other players and coaches who are using the Sharpshooter too.

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Tennis Power Serve Sharpshooter Success System