Tearing It Up – Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Online Lessons


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“Would You Like To Learn All the Heavy Metal Metal Guitar Chords And Scales You Need to Play 90% of Metal Songs in Under 31 Days Without the Expense of Pricey Ongoing Lessons?”

Sick of boring and complicated theory? I know how you feel, you just wanna plug in, crank up the distortion and volume and start thrashing to your favorite tune right?

Oh man, it’s such a pain in the ass when you want to start rocking but your fingers don’t seem to do what you want them to do right?

It’s not your fault as most teachers will have you drudging though boring chords and scales that have nothing to do with metal.

Yes, you can learn these later, but for now, you can get by with the main chords most of the top metal bands use.

If you want a system that is easy to follow, but will challenge you to progress quickly which you can feel and hear, then this is the course you have been waiting for.


Have fun while you learn

One thing you’ll notice quickly is you will be having fun with this system because you’ll be learning chords and scales that are the foundation of 90% of heavy metal songs.

Even if the initial novelty wears off, your enthusiasm and progress will be kept up to speed with worksheets and exercises.

Being able to quickly pick up and play your favorite metal songs is where the fun will really begin.

All the stuff you need

It has all the essential chords which you will need to play 90% of metal songs, simplified in a way that they were easy to play but sounded the same and used these to learn enough songs to play a set list.

Introducing… “Tearing It Up – Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Online Lessons”


Step-by-Step Illustrations show exactly how to pick up essential Heavy Metal Chords fast.

Each Chord comes with a full explanation of which strings are being played, and at which Fret your fingers should be positioned at. The combination of text, images and videos truly make it the quickest way to learn.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Learning to play the electric guitar is not rocket-science. It’s easy and fun. It will still take some work and practice, but honestly, once you start to make progress, you won’t want to stop.

Wanna start a heavy metal band or just riff on your own? You can! It’s not that hard. If you’ve bought other books and courses and given up, don’t let that discourage you.

In fact why not get all that old boring lesson stuff out right now and have a barbecue with it in the backyard. Hang on to your guitar though – you’re gonna need it. You don’t have one? Mate – run out and beg or borrow one right now!

Here’s What This Course Will Do For You!

No more spending lots of money on private lessons which often are spent going over stuff you’ve already done before or not interested in. Instead, from this course you can expect to:

  • Save weeks by learning the chords you need to get your axe grinding in no time so you can get down to playing rock and metal songs fast.
  • As it’s a one time payment, you don’t get charged for each lesson -you can do them as many times as you like and at your own pace. The equivalent in private lessons will cost 64 Times the amount!
  • You will be learning an instrument which is fun and exciting which you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • You will be cool as hell – not just popular, people will envy you and want to be you. Just look at how people idolize rock stars!
  • For those who do want to learn a bit of the theory, additional worksheets which show all the notes on the neck and chord positions.
  • Note: It doesn’t matter whether it is 3 in the morning, when you purchase this product, you will be able to download it instantly and get started right away – none of that waiting for a week for the postman to arrive!

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

  • The Ebook is totally step-by-step. Everything has been laid out in a logical order so that each stage takes you closer to your goal.
  • There are over 100 detailed photos – each chord has been taken from two different angles, one from the front and the other over my shoulder as if you were the one playing the guitar.
  • The photos have color-coded strings so you can see exactly which ones are being played. There are also labels to explain anything specific you need to know.

But Wait – There’s More!

13 Video Tutorials to the Mix Now Added

You get over 30 minutes of Video in 13 Tutorials demonstrating the main parts of the course to make sure you pick this stuff up as quickly as possible.

As well as chords, these videos will show you how to do alternate picking, play harmonics (very cool), hammer-ons, pull-offs, finger-tapping and more. These are all essential heavy metal guitar techniques.

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Tearing It Up – Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Online Lessons