Talking Dirty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk


Talking Dirty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk


Words can be incredibly powerful. The right words at the right time can take a man or woman from zero to sixty. They can evoke raw sexual hunger or the desire to simply be held tight.

The right sexy words can magnetically pull your lover deep into your passionate embrace even if they have been at arms lengths for weeks or months. Those powerful phrases can also magnify the intimacy, triggering the brain to rush “love chemicals” which will supercharge the erotic pleasures of the moment.

And if you want to supercharge your lover’s next orgasm, then learn the simple phrases you should use.

Let’s face it, trying to please your partner with sexy talk is HARDER than it seems.

You see, without a true understanding of the art, you could actually do a lot more damage than good.

Heck, the last thing you want do is embarrass yourself not knowing what to say or blurt out something stupid in the heat of the moment!

In fact, there’s much more to talking sexy than just the words you say!

This guide eases you into the craft so you can take a pace that suits you and spice things up with your favorite material.
Of course, once you feel more confident, you can always move onto the more adventurous stuff.

Introducing… Talking Dirty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk

In less than an hour you could be using these sexy phrases and secrets to add more passion to your love life… starting immediately!

Inside Talking Dirty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk, you’ll learn…

  • A total of 127 dirty talk phrases to drive your loved one wild… a mixture of sweet, poetic, hot and steamy, even hardcore phrases… there’s something for everyone here! (entire book)
  • A neat trick you can use in the heat of the moment to feel more confident with dirty talk… you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before! p34
  • 20 warm-up phrases you can use to make your partner feel special without the fear of going too far and embarrassing yourself p14, p18
  • How to create your own dirty phrases step-by-step that’ll send shivers down her spine… you could literally have endless ideas after this exercise! p28
  • The BIG mistake most people make trying to talk dirty which kills the mood… Hint: it’s NOT saying specific words or the way you say it! p37
  • 14 dirty text messages to send your lover over dinner or while they’re at work… skyrocket the tension for an even more passionate night of love p39-40
  • What a ‘drink coaster’ can teach you about passionate lovemaking p45
  • 8 steamy emails to make your partner so hot they won’t be able to get you out of their head p43-44
  • The complete guide to phone sex: how to keep the passion hot while your special someone is away traveling p43-44
  • Two sexy seduction stories featuring you and your lover… email these steamy tales to them and get their blood pumping or use these stories as inspiration for your own stories p47-58
  • A ‘no-nonsense’ way to get your loved one to open up about their desires and tell you what really makes them tick p12
  • How to introduce your partner to sexy talk in the safest and least intimidating way possible p62
  • 9 ways to fast-track your dirty talk skills… OR… want your partner to learn dirty talk?… Use these tips to teach them how to do it just the way you want it p31-32
  • Why men and women want different things in bedroom talk and the differences you MUST learn to give your lover the best experience possible p11-12
  • ADVANCED dirty talking: 14 role-playing scenario ideas to add a unique twist to your lovemaking p41
  • Dirty talk and lovemaking ideas for the holidays: valentine’s day, halloween, christmas p42
  • Plus much much more…

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Talking Dirty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk