Dynamic Warm Up For Better Soccer Performance
Blog / 02/10/2016

Dynamic Warm Up For Better Soccer Performance By Josh Hewett   Many soccer players, and even some “old-school” coaches, still perform static stretches before a game, practice, or training. This is likely because they believe that passive stretching will help prevent injury, improve performance, and reduce muscle soreness. However, there is little or no scientific evidence to support this belief, and stretching this way before physical activity could actually be doing more harm than good! It’s time to look at a better way to prepare your body for exercise and sport: The Dynamic Warm Up. First let’s look at some different forms of stretching. There are 2 main categories of stretching: passive and active. Passive stretching is when you use an outside force other than your own muscle to move a joint or limb beyond its active range of motion, to put your body into a position that you couldn’t do by yourself (such as when you lean into a wall, or have a partner push you into a deeper stretch, without engaging your own muscles). Unfortunately, this is the most common form of stretching used. Although most people are more familiar with traditional passive stretching it can actually hurt…

Running Training – Going it Alone or Hiring an Expert
Blog / 10/04/2015

Running Training – Going it Alone or Hiring an Expert By Jago Holmes   If you’re wondering about taking up running training, would you get the best results doing it by yourself or could you benefit from employing the knowledge of a coach or personal trainer? It’s normal these days for people to work with experts to help them to achieve specific goals or activities they would like to get better at. Tennis, Basketball and Swimming coaches are just some of the professionals many use to speed up progress and stay motivated. Using a coach for your running training is no different. Here are a number of the benefits you’ll notice if you hire a coach to help you with your running training: – Motivation A good running coach will make sure that you are committed and making progress. Evidence shows beyond doubt that once we have made appointments, there is always a greater reason to be on time, work harder or simply turn up and this will make sure that your running training gets done. Knowledge Becoming a better runner isn’t simply a case of grinding out endless miles, there are some advanced training techniques that reduce the amount…

Basketball Offense Tips – Top Factor to Scoring BIG Points!
Blog / 09/02/2015

Basketball Offense Tips – Top Factor to Scoring BIG Points! By Coach Tate   Determining a basketball player’s overall “offensive worth” is something I do often as a coach. I have to have some way to scout a player and figure out what their offensive potential is. Of course I look at stats, FG%, 3PT%, PPG, FT%, etc. These are definitely important but they’re often misinterpreted. You need to look at more than just those stats, you need to look at how those stats were achieved. What made the stats what they are? The number one thing that contributes to those stats being impressive is ball handling and your handles. All those stats come from first creating the opportunity, and 80% of the time that was through ball handling and dribble moves. So when players ask me how to see big increases in their offensive stats, I tell them, “yea your shot is important, but you’ll never have the opportunity to get a good shot off if you don’t have the handles to create the shots”. Obviously the conversation with the player then turns to basketball dribbling drills. And which ones they should do and which ones they should avoid…

Training Program Secrets of the Basketball Elite
Blog / 08/25/2015

Training Program Secrets of the Basketball Elite A basketball training program is a must have for any aspiring player. A training program will layout all of your training in a coordinated way. Without this layout, you are just taking it day to day. The day to day method will never ensure that you are hitting all the training aspects you need. It will give you a path to follow and a historic reference to look back on. You need both of these to make sure your training is actually leading to success. If you spend two months training and aren’t seeing results, you need to be able to look back at exactly what you did. Now you can make changes. Without knowing what you did, you won’t know what failed. The other huge advantage to a basketball training program is that when your workouts are mapped out it makes it a lot harder to slack off. You can look at your week and know exactly what you are going to do. Without this structure it’s too easy to make spur of the moment changes or put off a workout. As important as having this, is having the right training program….

Basketball Offense Tips – Score Big Like Kobe
Blog / 08/21/2015

Basketball Offense Tips – Score Big Like Kobe By Coach Tate   The most important choice a serious basketball player has to make during their career is which basketball workout program to use. Choosing the wrong program can have big consequences, lost time, developing bad technique and lost motivation, just to name a few. Basketball workout programs will vary significantly from coach to coach. There isn’t necessarily one program that is right and the rest are wrong. But there are plenty that are just flat out worthless! I see a lot of coaches putting players on basketball workout programs that make me cringe. The sad thing is that these players are putting all their trust into these coaches and their workout programs. I’ve spent a lot of time talking with top basketball players and coaches. I always pick their brains about what makes a great basketball workout program. And while all their programs vary in exactly what drills they use, they all have some major things in common. But the one thing that all these players and coaches agree on is that there are two major keys to any basketball workout drill. Intensity. This is the number one ingredient to…

Why Hunters Need A Turkey Hunting Guide
Blog / 08/18/2015

Why Hunters Need A Turkey Hunting Guide   This is a sport that does not always have a winner. Of course, winning this game means capturing or killing a turkey for dinner or for show. Patience is basically the number one criterion of this sport. Huntsmen have to wait for hours until it arrives. Then, they will try to call several times before they get answers. And sometimes, even if it has already answered a call, it will still take a long time before it finally reaches the hunter’s proximity. Because of this, turkey hunting has been regarded as one of the most challenging sports. However, not all aspiring hunters can become successful. These birds are very difficult to catch because they have excellent vision and hearing. So, a guide might become handy. A turkey hunting guide will most likely suggest that a novice exerts patience during the times when it has answered his call and is slowly approaching, as well as, during times when there is no barrier between him and the fowl. This huntsman has to remain motionless for a long period of time before he shoots, because even a single movement can scare it away. Then, another…

3D Boat Design Software Review
Blog / 08/07/2015

3D Boat Design Software Review   Chalking out a review of a 3D boat design is quite easy, for the simple reason that surely a person that purchases the 3D boat design software is more than happy. This is because the software has a wide range of features that covers every aspect of boat building that a person requires, whether you are a skilled boat builder or an amateur. When you go in for boat building equipment in the market you end up spending many dollars and still not being in a position to build your boat by yourself. You need some assistance. This is not the case with the 3D design. It has a lot of templates in designs that you will surely be satisfied with not one but all of them. Friends who have logged in and downloaded the software at first admit that they did it only out of curiosity to see actually what is so good about the 3D design software. But surely they were in for a shock surprise on going through the features and the benefits obtained from the software. You have a step by step manual to guide you right from choosing the…

The Renegade Golf Psychology System Review
Blog / 07/30/2015

The Renegade Golf Psychology System Review   As a golfer that is always looking to improve my game, I can become overwhelmed with the volume of information that is available from the Internet, books, magazines, etc. I’m sure you feel the same way; there is no shortage of swing coaches out there. There isn’t as much variety out there for the mental training for golfers. Sure there are the standards like Bob Rotellla, Joe Parent and Gio Valiante; they absolutely have some useful materials that I have used for years. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything that was different. The Renegade Golf Psychology System was created by a team of alternative psychology coaches and elite golfers, to specifically address the most common challenges that we face out on the course (or more correctly, in our heads!), such as: First Tee Jitters Lack of Confidence Losing Focus – making bad decisions Getting Tight and Over-Swinging “Monkey-Mind” Negative Thought Patterns The Renegade Golf Psychology System differs from all of the other sports psychology products out there in three ways: It’s specific to golfers. There is no doubt that the creators of this system…

Different and Various Kinds of Yacht Boat Designs
Blog / 07/14/2015

Different and Various Kinds of Yacht Boat Designs A yacht is a relatively small vessel which is typically used for commercial purpose such as cruising or racing. There are many different types of yachts, each with their own distinct characteristics. Usually the common yachts have the sloop, the ketch, the yawl, the schooner and the trawler yacht designs. People who are accustomed with boats would surely know but for some who are unfamiliar about boats, they will be shocked or rather surprised to know that there are different and various kinds of yachts. The different yacht designs are meant to serve different purposes when traveling in the open water. The trawler yacht design allows the trawler yacht to be effectively used as a live-aboard yacht and a cruise yacht. Couples love going on a yacht to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the clear blue water. Anyone would definitely opt to go on it if given a chance and this yacht is just not it, there are various designs you can choose from. The trawler yacht ranges from 32 to 70 feet. So there are big yachts and small ones too. As far as the speed is concerned the trawler…

The Science of Mental Toughness in Sports and Fitness
Blog / 05/19/2015

The Science of Mental Toughness in Sports and Fitness   They say there’s nothing new under the sun. When it comes to sports and fitness, it’s hard to disagree. There are countless fitness programs, diets, and workouts out there. Fad after fad after fad. And despite how new and shiny they may seem, too often it ends up being same old, same old. Bleh. But every once in a while, something genuinely new comes along. Something that cuts through the noise A real game changer. And I’m going to share one with you today: A scientific method of transforming yourself into a Mentally Tough Warrior. It’s a cliche that sports and life are 90% mental. You can have all the talent and ability in the world, but if you don’t have the Mental Toughness to handle stress and stay dominant, then your spirit goes limp, and your powers fail. Without it, the strongest man becomes a mouse. With it, the most timid soul can become a beast. Some people are born with the ability to handle stress and perform under the craziest circumstances–i.e., when it matters the most. They’re naturals. But most people aren’t. Similarly, some people are naturally stronger…