Canoe – Can You Really Design One?
Blog / 09/29/2012

Canoe – Can You Really Design One?   Rowing a canoe is a really exciting and fun activity. For people who love canoeing, it is essential to have one of their own; but making one involves hours of designing, planning, and testing. All these would take away all the fun. The situation is never this way with 3d boat design software. With the advanced technology created, you can design a canoe in a short period of time, compared to designing them manually. You will have the following advantages with boat design software: – Any design can be created no matter how complex and detailed it is. The software often has thousands of professional designs and plans included in it. You can study them any time or even modify them to give a custom look. – Save the calculations for the software. When designing a canoe, the calculations are the most feared part of the process. There will be hundreds of equations to solve and calculations to do. All of your work can become worthless if you commit one simple error in your calculation. Boat design software takes care of all these equations and it works in real-time. This means that…

Sail Boat – Can You Really Design One?
Blog / 09/28/2012

Sail Boat – Can You Really Design One?   With the aid of the modern technologies, you actually can design a sail boat on your own. Software developers have made very useful and easy to learn software that will allow you to design any kind of boat and vessel. These are called 3d boat design software’s and most of them come in 3d form. There are many kinds of software available in the market, but you should consider certain things before buying one. 1. The graphical user interface should be rich. All kinds of modifiers and shapes should be available. This is to make sure you can give the boat any shape that you want and allows for you to add any amount of details. 2. The learning curve should not be very high or else you would be spending too much time just studying it, which fails the main purpose. 3. It should allow you to set a background image to the view port. This gives you a guideline on the model and how the sail boat should look like. 4. Try to find software which already has a lot of professional plans and designs of boats in general….

Boat Designs for Beginners
Blog / 09/27/2012

Boat Designs for Beginners   The primary concern for most of the beginners is that the boat they are sailing on should not turn upside down when it on the water. Beginners need a boat that is easy to handle. The boats that are less maneuverable will tend to be easier for beginners. On this page of our website first time boat makers will get all they need to know about the boat designs that are suitable for them as beginners. With the power of modern software, it is now easy for the beginners to select the design that they think would be best suitable for them. The best part is that you can see the design on the computer and then select from it. 3D boat design software is an essential software package for many professional boat designers. It allows another element of design to be considered, how it will actually render in real life. Any decent 3D boat design software will also let the user change their design and see how that change impacts the final shape of the boat. Let’s have a look at few boat designs that would be best suitable for the beginners. The Great…

Boat Kits – Why Use One When You Can Design Your Own Boat?
Blog / 09/26/2012

Boat Kits – Why Use One When You Can Design Your Own Boat?   Boat kits are essential for building boats. May be you are considering to buy one; but do you know about some of the disadvantages they have? Such as, you will only be stuck with one type of boat, not to mention that they are sometimes very expensive. You can only make generic boats with them. If you need something special and creative, these kits are not the right choice for you. Why pick them when you can have a better and easy technology to use? There are some software’s available in the market which let you create any design for your ideal boat. This type of software is called ‘boat design software.’ They often come with 3d view ports and design capabilities. When you use this software, the boat kits become obsolete. You do not need heavy tools and hours of labor to design boats; the 3d boat design software will take care of everything for you. The advantages of this boat design software are countless. Read on to know what the boat design software has to offer. The 3d boat design software comes with a…

Power Boat – Can You Really Build One?
Blog / 09/25/2012

Power Boat – Can You Really Build One?   The most crucial part of building a power boat is designing it perfectly. If you can do this part quickly and correctly, then there will be no problem in building your own boat. Don’t worry; there is software that allows you to do just the thing. You can design a boat easily, without any errors by using this kind of software. Since you are able to overcome the designing problems, there is nothing to stop you from building your very own boat. May be you think that learning how this software works is tough and that maybe you don’t have the skills to do it. Well, now it’s time to get things clear; you can do it with sheer determination. There are some 3d boat design software’s that are very easy to learn and you will be up and about- designing the power boat in no time. The learning curve is very low, which means that anyone can get the idea in a very short period of time. The user interface of this boat designing software is very user friendly and rich with useful guides. Whatever you need during the designing…

Boat Software for Design
Blog / 09/24/2012

Boat Software for Design   To design a boat, there are multiple factors to be considered to make a boat float in the water and endure the climatic conditions. Therefore it is pertinent that the basic design of the boat should be properly built. Irrespective of the length and capacity of the vessel, a faulty design may prove catastrophic. Keeping the basics in mind and the modernization of technology and the demand of the clients the boat software for design was developed. Different types of software are available in the market; you can go for a small and simple boat which require only a few additional improvement or complex designs which can make your boat technically sound and revolutionize the work of a designer. The boat software designs offer a 3D concept to design a boat. This software can create and update scale models of the boat and can be changed according to the requirement any time. Different models can be prepared and their blue-prints can be taken for construction. But it is always advisable when you go for a design for a bigger vessel, you have to design it part by part and thus the initial format should be…

Is Building a Boat Better Than Buying a Used Boat?
Blog / 09/23/2012

Is Building a Boat Better Than Buying a Used Boat?   One of the most complex and costly product for a consumer to buy is probably the boat. Whether you are building a boat or buying a used one, you need to reassure yourself with a lot of research and reliable information. No matter what you decide to do, for your project to progress smoothly, you have to plan, estimate, source, and allot time for completion. Building a boat requires you to start from scratch. It involves a lot of time and effort as well as finance, keeping in view the size of your vessel. But the end product is your dreamboat customized to your satisfaction. The pain and pleasure of creating by being involved in planning, designing, purchasing materials, sourcing finance to organizing manpower is in itself a rewarding experience. For most people build boats for pleasure and enjoyment than as an investment. In today’s world with the precision and sophistication involved in boat building, the cost is gradually becoming prohibitive and construction time consuming. Therefore, to be cost effective, buying a used boat and renovating it makes sound financial sense. Experience proves that, whether old or new, no…

Design That Perfect Hull
Blog / 09/22/2012

Design That Perfect Hull   Modern Era boat building is a highly professional and skilled job involving precision engineering. But you will be surprised to know that it is one of the oldest forms of engineering, beginning with the ordinary rowing boat to the huge merchant vessels and aircraft carriers sailing the high seas today; and the hull is the most critical part on which the entire structure is kept afloat. The hull being the basic structure of a boat, certain fundamental rules are to be followed while designing to provide stability to the boat and keep it afloat. Designers have to bear in mind to make the hull strong and simple with the buoyant center fixed at the right point ensuring the boat doesn’t get imbalanced by waves and topple over. The other important aspect is curving. Proper curving implies, the degree of curving that is being integrated at the sides of the boat is equal to the curvature of the base of the boat. This ensures equal pressure of water on all sides of the boat for a streamlined, smooth and jerk-free sailing. The above facts enable you to design hulls for Ballasted boat, Clinker-on-frame watercraft or Racer…

Marine Boat Software Available
Blog / 09/21/2012

Marine Boat Software Available   If you are looking to build a boat that is built to current marine specifications, but you don’t quite know how to go about building it, then we have good news for you. Now you can build that marine boat of your choice using the marine software that is available to people like you. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to a marine boat. However, due to the waters that you can go into with a marine boat, the dimensions have to be perfect. You have to know every detail and make it precise in order to keep your boat afloat. To help you with building the perfect boat the marine software that is available can help. One function of this software is to make to look 3D this will show you where everything will go. Part of making it 3D also means that you get the correct measurements and more details in your design. This software can do all this for you. Some of these software programs you can get online. Some of them are even free. Others you can find in stores or in catalogs. The more you look…

Design Software for the Marine Industry
Blog / 09/20/2012

Design Software for the Marine Industry   There is plenty of software out there for those of you who are looking for a boat made for the marine industry. With this software, what you can do to create your boat is endless. There is much that can be done. You have to pick the best design software though for you. How do you do that? There are a few things that you should consider. There are different things that your software should be able to do. One of those is to design certain parts of any marine boat. Those parts are: the hull, the interior and more. It should also be able to calculate the weight of the ship and the length of it as well. It should also report the cost of the ship. There is much that this design software should be able to do. You shouldn’t have to do all that much in order to get what you are looking for in a boat. They do this by creating a 3D model. They also give you a 2 dimensional drawing of the ship for you. This can help you better understand what your boat will look like…